How best to describe Quantumania. Solid?

It’s no surprise that Marvel has gotten a bit stale since Endgame. I stated multiple times that they need to do better. Be better. Learn from Spider Man and Iron Man.

Phase 5 kicked things off with Quantumania. And introduced the next Thanos for the Multiverse Saga: Kang The Conqueror.

If you saw Loki, Johnathan Majors played He Who Remains. Here he’s a completely different beast. I’ll get to that in a min.


Bit of a recap, Scott stole Hank’s suit. Sent Yellowjacket to the Quantum Realm. Got stuck for a min. Used the pym particles to get back to reality. Fought with Captain America. FBI put him under house arrest. Helped Janet and Hank free Janet from the Quantum Realm eventually. Janet stablized Ghost with her Quantum Hands. Scott’s free. Everyone’s happy. Scott gets Quantum Particles for Ghost. Then Thanos snapped half of all life including the Pym Fam. Oh and Luis. Long story short Scott saved the universe with his little Time Heist. Brought everyone back. Started his own podcast like me. Selling merch. He even got a book. Despite all of that he lost alot of time with Cassie. Did I also mention he got an award for Employee of The Century from Baskin Robbins?

I guess one rat can make a difference. Nuff said.


Oh and Cassie got them sent to the Quantum Realm.

Alrighty then back to the movie.


It’s better than She Hulk and Thor 4 but it wasn’t enough to reignite the flame. Feige still has a long way to go.


I still liked it. The Quantum Realm is very much like Star Wars meets Wizard of Oz. They got a Resistance. You meet a bunch of strange creatures like Broccoli Man. Drink this red liquid for universal language. They even got their own Cantina.

The VFX are pretty standard. Fancy word for special effects.


Once Kang shows up it’s a completely different game. I’m a huge fan of Kang The Conqueror going all the way back to Avengers Earth’s Mightest Heroes. Goat series.

Phase 1 of his plan to conquer the Avengers timeline was killing Captain America. He got the most advanced tech from the 31st century. He has tech that makes Iron Man look like a caveman in comparison. He’s taken what came before like the Avengers Time Machine and made it better. He’s the Master of Time.


The Concil of Kangs exiled him to the Quantum Realm because he was too crazy. In the Loki finale He Who Remains gave Loki and Sylvie that powerpoint presentation about the Council of Kangs. Beeing chill for a sec until Kang The Conqueror started the Multiversal War destroying other universes. He also killed many versions of the Avengers along the way including his variants.



His goal is very similar to Thanos but on a multiversal scale. Instead of wiping off 50% of all life. He’s gonna destroy the entire multiverse. Scratch that he’s way worse than Thanos.

That’s not the only reason. His girlfriend Revanna probably got caught in the crossfire at least that’s what I assume happened in the MCU off screen. We’ll see a bunch of different Kangs throughout Phase 5-6 starting with Loki S2.


Janet didn’t tell them squat bout Kang. Even Hope don’t trust her. While she was stuck in the Quantum Realm she met Nantianel Richards. He didn’t tell her about his MO. Helped him fix a version of his Time Chair from the comics. Looks mad comfy.

Before she powered up the chair she saw flashes of worlds he destoryed being a conqueror and all that. And she sabotaged his Time Core that has the same markings as Shang Chi’s Ten Rings. They look like Celestial Tech. Celestials got very advanced tech. Kang’s a time traveller. Adds up.

Lines up with that Shang Chi post credit scene when Wong and friends found a signal from the Quantum Realm I assume. It even changed to blue once Kang powers his engine. It formed a forcefield around his city Chronpolis from the comics. His way of winning the second Kang War. Bunch of drones that kind of arsenal.

Which brings us to Scott and Cassie. Ant Man I’ve come to bargain. It was basically the same deal He Who Remains offered Loki and Sylvie. Place them in a timeline where they defeat Thanos before he snapped half of everything. Give him more time with little Cassie then prune that timeline right away.

Not that Scott had any choice.


Darren Cross comes back from the first movie as MCU MODOK.

Or as I like to call him George Lopez from Sharkboy and Lavagirl. Very comic accurate.

If you thought the floaty head from Thor 4 was a nightmare you haven’t seen nothing yet. Can’t say I’m surprised. He’s a giant floaty butthead. Designed only for Killing. One of Marvel’s wackiset villains.

Then they killed him off. I wasn’t too happy about that. Marvel tends to waste their villains like alot. Ultron. Strucker. Kingpin in Hawkeye. Hoping for a comeback Willy. Gorr. Taskmaster. The list goes on. There’s even villains I forgot.


Scott dives in. Meets different versions of Ant Man. Into The Scottverse. I’m the Real Ant Man! My favorite is Jack from Baskin Robins. He’s so powerful he don’t need a suit. What a champ!


I Hope They Remember You.


They all converge on the core die in a bunch of different ways. Giant Man turns into spaghetti just like what happened to 838 Reed Richards. Dumbest Man Alive.

If she can killed a bunch of stooges imagine what can do with some Ant People 🐜 or Kangs.


Her and Kang are both Nexus Beings. I don’t know if that holds any significance yet.

Kang did have alot of Time on his hands learning different moves across history.

Captain America adapted to modern day after he was a ice cube for so many years. I can’t imagine anyone else being The Man Out Of Time besides Scott but he’s below at best.

One can dream.

Can barely touch him with all that armor. Even without it.


It’s only when they work as a unit Scott and Hope shrunk it back to a ball.

Its like he was made for this. He literally made an Ant Hill.

How far we’ve come.


And what do you know? Kang double crossed Scott. Who saw this coming?


This is where Kang truly shines. Reigns down thanks to that blue platform the same as Mr. Fantastic’s portal tech. Kang is a descendant of Reed Richards. Maybe Dr Doom. Anything can happen. He lays waste to everyone. Pimp slaps the Ant People. Them ants were the only way to slow him down but still dangerous til a certain point.

I’m glad Ant Man didn’t die. Worked things out with Cassie. Go home. But at the expense of Kang himself.


Don’t get me wrong we’ll see a bunch of Kangs throughout Phase 5-6 but I was invested in this version. He’s The Conqueror. You don’t give him the suit and gear and be done with it. Especially a variant who killed Thor only to fall short on c list heroes. Two to be exact.


I did like the hand to hand fight. Ant Man doesn’t stand a chance against Kang.

One thing I’d change is Kang still lost his army. Wasp doesn’t show the portal goes down. Scott created a scenario in which they both lose like he said in the trailer. But Kang just takes his Time Chair and yeets out to another universe stranding Scott in the Quantumania Realm. Lost the battle but not the war.

It worked for EMH.


I don’t think he’s dead. He might’ve got sucked through a Time Vortex. If you mess with it you get sent anywhere in time like Iron Man gets stuck in 1943.


In one of the post credit scenes they introduce the Council of Kangs. Or The Dynasty of Kangs. Kang Dynasty.


We got Rama Tut. There was a Rama Tut easter egg in Moon Knight. That was the first Name Kang took when he traveled to Ancient Egypt outshined all the gods with 31st century technology. The Fantastic Four got involved. Yeet him back to the future.

Before that he named Apocalypse as his successor then he made a bargain with the Celestials for even more tech. MCU took the multiverse route.


Scarlet Centurion a cyborg.


And Immortus. Old Kang. Have you ever heard the tragedy of Kang The Conqueror? He Who Remains was an amalgamation of Immortus and He Who Remains from the comics. Yeah I’m scared. He never had a blue mask. He even sounds like a horror villain.

They’re like the rulers running the whole operation. Immortus seems like the ringleader. Not too happy a bunch of Ant People killed the exiled. And others are messing with their multiverse vibe.

He’s referring to the Avengers but the Avengers from every different universe.

There’s even a Kang statue so he had VIP status before the Council kicked him to the Quantum Realm.


You see every version of Kang imagined. Ripped straight out of the comics. Reptilian Kang. Dr Doom Kang. HypeMan Kang. And a disfigured looking Kang. It ends just like the panel but in live action.

No Famer Kang. I think Clubber Kang got his hands full with a Killmonger variant.


It’s meant to set up Avengers Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars. 

New Avengers

Vs The Council of Kangs


Like if you thought fighting one of them was bad. Wait until you fight thousands of them.


There could be Kang variants in Earth 616 pretending to be heroes like Iron Girl Jr. Or little T’Challa Jr believed to be Black Panther’s Son but he’s really a Kang variant.

I had a similar idea but it wasn’t with Jr. It was for a T’Chaka spinoff with a younger versions of T’Challa, Shuri, Okoye, and M’Baku. Starts off like a prequel at first til you see Johnathan Majors wearing a Black Panther suit. And Killmonger’s in the palace chilling not king but he’s not a villain. Chillmonger. 

Similar events to the Sacred Timeline but plays out like a What If. 

Kang destroyed his universe. First he conquered Wakanda then blew everything up all by himself. 

Everything else was laid out in my Phase 4 guide but the idea is that variant of T’Challa vows to avenge Wakanda by killing all the Kangs with help from other Avengers across the multiverse. And meets the Fantastic 4.

He looks like T’Challa from the comics. Kang had edge he can bring something similar to T’Challa. He worked with Chadwick Boseman too in other movies.

I wouldn’t put it pass Feige to also have him play a hero. Or John Stewart in Gunn’s Lantern series along with Hal Jordon. Worked for Thanos.

And he can meet MCU Storm eventually.


He don’t even need the accent. It be cool but I can almost hear him barking at all the Kangs without it. Mainly The Conqueror.




When the dust settles he can meet MCU Storm in the next saga. The Mutant Saga sounds right up the X-Men’s alley.

Just like what Zoom did in The Flash S2. I really missed out on Game of Thrones.


By then Dr Doom will be introduced before Secret Wars along with the Fantastic Four and a few Fox Xmen like Magneto and Professor X. Ones from First Class would be cool. Seem they officially team up with Multiverse Avengers like the 80s comic but mixed with recent Secret Wars. 


I mainly known it from Spider Man TAS on VHS and reruns. Spider Man assembled his version of The Avengers. Secret Avengers but that wasn’t a multiverse ride til much later.

They even had some villains like The Lizard and Black Cat. It lasted for 3 eps. Then they did the first Spiderverse. There was even an easter egg for Ben Reily in Across The Spiderverse including my childhood series that never got 1-3 more seasons.

Spectacular Spider Man voiced by Josh Keaton. I assume he’s resprising his role. Just keeping it under wraps.

Just like No Way Home.

I’m Not The Werewolf!

It was also a game I played in Anime Club. Pretty fun. 

Sony please keep most if not all the surprises for the release. Maybe just a tease of some of the other players like 2099. Just not the really big ones.


Would it be crazy if Scott turned Kang into a version of the Beyonder by accident. Wearing the same costume but white. He kills all the Kang variants. Take remnants of universes destroyed by incursions and create BattleWorld. Secret Wars. Multiverse Avengers like Tobey Maguire and Fox Wolverine. T’Challa. If they split it into two or three parts yeah.

Lots of Avengers.


Overall I think things could’ve been better. I know Kang’s not dead, he is supposed to be a Nexus Being after all whatever that means. But I had such a good time with Quantumania. Reviewing it. I like the Ant Man franchise, one of the best characters the MCU has to offer. And he made the list.

Unless Kang wipes him out once he comes back from whatever universe or time he went. These timelines are so confusing. DC does it way better.

Not my favorite Marvel film. I guarantee Guardians 3 and Spiderverse 2 will blow it away. Spiderverse ain’t even on Disney’s radar. But if I’m being completely honest The Flash is gonna blow all of them away. Time isn’t written. It is forged. Once Gunn drops his swan song for his trilogy, Warner Bros has a gold mine on their hands. The days of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are over. And The Dawn of DC will prevail.

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