The Super Mario Bros Movie

The Super Mario Bros Movie

Hey everyone. Ruben here

Ever since its first inception The Super Mario Bros Movie has been my most anticipated movie of 2023

From the trailers to Chris Pratt fans around the world didn’t like the change

Illumination had big shoes to fill. For a studio that made Minions I didn’t think they’d pull it off

But this put a smile on my face

Right out the gate it’s amazing

The designs and locations are straight out of the games. Powerups. Coins. Mario Kart and so much more

They even snuck in Gameboy on Luigi’s phone

Its basically a love letter to Mario fans around the world. Super Mario 64. Mario vs DK. Luigi Mansion. Super Mario Galaxy tease. Super Mario Odyssey etc

They even took inspiration from the Super Mario Bros Super Show. Great series btw

I can see that with Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, and Bowser

Speaking of Bowser played the piano. Day one I never doubted Jack Black. Dude was born for this. He’s the Dragon Warrior after all well The Dragon



Kung Fu Panda 4 is on the horizon next year. No surprise there. I read an article stating they considered doing 6 films in total

Kung Fu Panda holds a special place in my heart. One of if not The Best Trilogy of All Time and I can’t wait to see what lies ahead for Po, Shifu and The Furious Five. Maybe the villain is a student like Tai Lung who knows

If you asked me what is the Mario movie about I believe its the relationship between Mario and Luigi. I always understood their dynamic playing all the Mario and Luigi games on both my dsi and 3ds

Only now they have voices which is pretty cool

I guess you can say Chris earned the title of Mario


Mario’s mission is saving his brother from Bowser. Peach is good. No rescuing required

Once they get that Super Star Game Over. So Long Da Bowser

This is Cinema


I had a great time with the Mario movie. Favorite Video Game Movie by far

Music AWESOME!!!

Kudos to Brian Tyler

There’s a lot they can do with future sequels or spinoffs. Luigi’s Mansion. Donkey Kong. Super Mario Galaxy

One villain I’d love to bring in is Fawful from Bowser Inside Story

Bowser is being held prisoner. Fawful is a pretty smart guy always ten steps ahead of everyone. Wouldn’t put it out there for him and Bowser to team up only for Fawful to double cross him from the getgo

If Nintendo and Illumination is intend on building off the success of the Mario movie with other characters like Link and Kirby. Maybe Movie Sonic idk. Jason Griffith doing the voice again be pretty awesome right now

All they need to do is build out each universe then do a Smash Bros movie down the line. That’s how it happened in the games. Just saying  


That’s all I have for today. I’m still working on a plan for the company as a whole. Might do a season review on The Mandolorian S3. New podcast episode in development. Working on posting it on Youtube as well

Thank you for reading the review

This is Ruben Comics. Signing OFF!!!

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