Phase 4

Phase 4


Phase 4 was a thing that happened. The MCU as we know it isn’t what it used to be. They’ve been releasing too much content over the span of 2 years. Thanks Disney Plus.


What was once a cinematic universe where most of the Marvel heroes can crossover while having their own standalone stories with an infinity stone or two. Now they’re just paperweights. Kang is that powerful.


Each character had arcs spread throughout The Infinity Saga. Building up to something incredible.


I was lost for words. Iron Man making the sacrifice play left a mark. He was gone. Captain America got his dance with Peggy. Thor 4 was a thing that happened. It wasn’t until they played the montage of the MCU celebrating and mourning Tony’s loss that I realized what it means to be a hero.



I said this is some of my other reviews. I grew up big on the DCAU, Spider Man and the Fox films. Justice League and JLU introduced me to a larger universe way before the MCU was a thing. If it wasn’t for the old regime the DCEU could’ve rivaled Disney with Justice League 2 and 3.



By then I was hooked on Batman TAS, Batman Beyond, Superman TAS, X-Men Evolution, Avatar TLA, Danny Phantom, Spectacular Spider Man, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, and years later X-Men TAS. Even the Ultimate Spider Man cartoon is a blast. Some of it influenced a passion project I wish to share with the world someday.


If there’s one thing DC excels at, it’s Animation. Their recent outings left more to be desired.


But we’re not here to talk about DC’s current state. Rooting for you James Gunn. Just don’t have Superman fight Patrick. Let alone the Atomic Sponge. Hired a director and actor who are fans of the source material. No trunks.


With that out of the way let’s dive into Phase 4. Disney Plus shows included.



I was bummed out that Iron Man and Captain America were leaving. At the time it was alright. We still had heroes like Black Panther ready to rise up to the occasion in the wake of Thanos.


Delving into everyone’s grief after losing 5 years. Maybe Dr Doom salvaged Sokovia and turned it into Latveria, getting some of Wakanda’s Vibranium. I mean Ultron basically made it an asteroid in Age of Ultron. He just came back in Marvel’s What If.



Wakanda Forever was the perfect way to explore it through the eyes of T’Challa. I mentioned this in my Wakanda Forever review a few weeks ago. I respect Ryan Coogler and everyone else involved but I wasn’t on board with killing off the main character in the first 5 mins.


I kinda expected it. Still hurts.


Even Chadwick’s brother stated in an interview

that Chad advocated for a recast prior to his death. He understood the character was bigger than the actor. I just wished Marvel realized that sooner. Ryan, K.E.V.I.N., and Nate Moore made that decision immediately. Unknown illness. A Black Superhero making his big screen debut in Captain America Civil War. King of the most powerful nation in the MCU besides Talokan dies of an unknown illness. And that’s what I call a bad case of lazy writing.


Then there’s the big elephant in the room: Disney Plus. As much as I enjoyed some of the Marvel Disney Plus shows I can hardly keep it with all of them. I don’t mind the effort, but the finales missed the mark.



Some more than others.

It’s like Marvel’s Avengers DLC post Endgame.

She Hulk is the worst of the bunch.


It doesn’t matter to Disney as long as they turn a profit.

I mean c’mon why should I watch Echo? What does she bring to the table? Daredevil and Kingpin are the only excuses they got but it’s not good enough. I’ll take a special presentation instead. Once a trailer drops I’ll know.


Even going as far as rushing the vfx artists that make a talking raccoon and tree possible.


I can help but think of the last time we saw a movie with plenty of passion behind the camera that Marvel was known for.



TASM 2 had hiccups but it’s a visual gem. Marc Webb and his crew shot it on film. Most of it was in New York. The Big Apple. Practical effects. I love the web slinging. The TASM 2 suit is amazing.


Hans Zimmer did the score. His talent never disappoints. One of the members of The Magnificent Six (I see what you did there) was Junkie XL. They worked together on Batman vs Superman. Favorite film of 2016. TASM 2 ended up being my favorite superhero soundtrack to listen to on a daily basis.


Making it one of the Best-Looking Spider Man movies of all time.


Andrew’s Spidey was heavily inspired by Ultimate Spider Man. He’s just different. After his return in NWH with Tobey I wouldn’t mind if he got a TASM 3. I don’t blame him for not working with Sony after seeing Morbius.

Made 1 MORBILLION dollars at the box office.

Vulture’s presence alone will cause an incursion.

When someone hangs out in another universe those two worlds collide. Destroying both universes as a result.

I hate to be the Sonyverse right now.


If Sony hadn’t sabotaged the TASM franchise things could’ve turned out differently.


Did I also mention that Bob Chapek reduced the budgets and put walls on Disney’s IP? Pixar knows what I’m talking about.


There are some hits like Shang Chi and No Way Home. It’s like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’ll get.


Special Presentations is one of best decisions Kevin Feige’s ever made. Werewolf By Night is even better than Multiverse of Madness and Moon Knight. And I enjoyed those outings. That’s saying something.


I can’t even take them seriously anymore. Too much comedy. I laughed more at the CGI head in Love and Thunder than anything else. It was terrible.









Say what you will about DC they take themselves seriously.



If Superman didn’t kill Zod he’d cracked the world like an omelet with his bare hands. And he almost roasted that family. Extra crispy. There was no other option, and it hurts because Supes didn’t want to kill anyone. It made him relatable. The hardest choices require the strongest wills.

A verbal agreement to return as Superman? Bruh. Guess post credit scenes don’t count. Marvel’s been lacking lately.


What was once one of their greatest strengths became a huge weakness.


Onto what I like to call the Phase 4 tournament.






Only the strongest will survive.

And I’m going to enjoy it. Very Very Much.




Starting right out the gate we got Shang Chi Legend of the Ten Rings. I sleep on the first watch. Long story short it was a beach trip. After watching it 3 times, I’m happy to say this is a banger start to finish. The Mandarin finally made his appearance. Kudos to Tony Leung. The Ten Rings in the first Iron Man was a division of his he ran from the shadows. So, he has deep ties to Iron Man.


They even brought back Fake Mandarin from Iron Man 3. He was pretending to be the Mandarin not knowing the Real One was pissed off. Going as far as weaponizing a fortune cookie. Wen Wu kills his enemies with his bare hands. Not a treat. He was that mad.



The action scenes are something straight out of anime. Shang Chi almost pulled a Kamehameha. Where’s my Dragon Ball fans at? Demon Slayer? My Hero Academia? Naruto? Feel free to leave a reply in the comment section down below.


It was a breath of fresh air. The Ten Rings are awesome. It got me excited for Shang Chi’s journey in the MCU. Interacting with Spider Man, Daredevil, and a new version of Iron Fist if they don’t want to bring back Finn Jones from the Netflix series. I enjoyed his time as Danny Rand but I’m fine with whatever Kevin Feige wants to do. Maybe in the sequel Danny kills the dragon by punching its molten heart and gaining the Iron Fist. In the comics it was Shou-Lao from K’un-Lun. He might kill the dragon from the movie just to set off his rivalry with Shang Chi cause that was his friend.



Iron Fist: WOAH. That Dragon Gave Me A Glowing Fist!


Shang Chi: BRUH! You Killed The Dragon!


Iron Fist: I Know Dude! It Was Radical!


Shang Chi: Yeah, That Was My Friend! And You Killed Him!


It’s a bit of a stretch but it’d be pretty funny if they crossed paths and fought in the MCU’s version of Enter The Dragon. Like Mortal Kombat.


Whatever plans Feige has for Sam Liu. One thing’s for sure he’s gonna have quite an edge against Kang and his cousins from the other side during The Multiverse Saga. Then again Kang might have contingencies in case they exchange blows and Shang ends up losing the Ten Rings during Kang Dynasty.


The 31st called they want their Ten Rings back with a side of ranch.



Wandavision launched Phase 4. Out of all the projects it brought a unique flavor we hardly see Marvel do. Different eras of sitcoms. And for a company that cranks out a bunch of projects out the gate it’s rare. Elizabeth Olsen brought a sense of warmth with a bit of terror flipping on the dime. There’s no length she’ll go to get peace and quiet. Holding a town hostage with her mind shows what she’s capable of.


It was sad to see Hex Vision disappear, and her kids cause in Multiverse of Madness she’s a menace. The Kid became the Bully. Bully Wanda. Pulled an Invincible on the Illuminati. Bruh. If only Reed kept his mouth shut, he could’ve been one of the greats. The Next Robert Downey Jr. Michael Waldron take what didn’t work in MOM and brings your A-Game to Secret Wars. Big shoes to fill.




Agatha stole the show. She ended up being a delight to watch. It’s gonna be a gas! Who’s been stealing my candy bar?

It Was Agatha All Along! She also voiced a version of Doc Ock in Spider Verse. I was lost for words.


As much as I love Kathy, I can’t say the same for the Agatha show. It might end up ruining her character and I don’t want that. She’s no hero. And she killed Sparky too.


I rather it be a special presentation for Halloween. Heck even add Werewolf By Night and Moon Knight to the mix and you got yourselves a fright.


Matt Shankman is directing the Fantastic Four reboot. If anyone can do Marvel’s First Family justice, its him. He turned down Star Trek 4 with Chris Pine that’s how valuable he is as a creator. Just have the Thing wear pants this time.



I’ll be as brief as I can. Moon Knight left more to be desired. It was then I started to realize that 6 episodes isn’t enough for a show unless your Loki. Most of the time there’s no blood.


Fun fact: a Kang variant traveled to Ancient Egypt and called himself Rama Tutt. He was like the cool kid on the block. And that’s why the gods left. They were that salty. Gorr was right.



Oscar Isaac did a fantastic job. He played Apocalypse in X Men Apocalypse. Days of Future Past and Logan were peaked X Men including Deadpool.



Now he’s voicing Spider Man 2099 in Across The Spider Verse. He and the Spider People are mad at Miles for giving The Spot the last slice. 2099 dogged Miles on a train. A move straight out of WWE. He got supper ripped after the post credit scene just to slam MILES on the Nueva York Train. Next stop: The Hands.


The finale was a rush paint job. There’s room for improvement. Should’ve had a Ethan Hawke villain episode. Khonsu’s the real monster here. I enjoyed the series for what’s its worth and if it doesn’t get a s2 all they have to do is have him pop up in other movies or specials like Midnight Sons joining Blade and Werewolf By Night.




Fun Watch. Finale missed the mark.



Great Daredevil episode. Madisynn and Wong were a delight to watch. Don’t need a season 2. Put her in other movies like the Hulk. Make Hulk Angry Again!



This is a treat. Drax and Mantis are like an odd married couple kidnaping Kevin Bacon. He sang a song and saved Christmas for Knowhere. All the Guardians gave each other gifts. Drax got his little funny man.

Rocket got Bucky’s Arm….


It makes Guardians Vol 3 a bit more tragic. The High Evolutionary is out for blood. Chukwudi Iwuji was one of the standouts in Peacemaker. I’m very intrigued on what he brings to the table. Peter’s gonna do everything he can to keep everyone alive including Mantis. His sister from another mother. The way James Gunn has been marketing it has me worried for Rocket. One of the reasons why he came back before he gets busy with DC Studios is Rocket Raccoon.



Rocket holds a special place in his heart. Wants what’s best for him even if it means letting him go. This is the same guy that exterminated the DCEU.

They don’t call him Gunn for nothing.


James Gunn License to Kill


I think the Guardians with the best chance of surviving are Peter, Groot, Ravager Gamora, Adam Warlock, Mantis, Cosmo, and Kraglin. Everyone else is up for grabs. Even Drax ain’t safe. This is all speculation. Take it with a grain of salt.


I loved the 2D animation segment with Yondu. Disney should do 2D animated films again. Disney’s Wish should be a treat.


I’m not ready to say goodbye to the current roster but every journey has a destination. Can’t wait to see what James Gunn has in store on May 5 of next year.



One of the best days of my life. Enough to make all Spider Man fans happy. Andrew got his redemption saving MJ so that his little Spider Bro doesn’t have to go through even more tragedy like losing the love of his life. Gwen’s death still hits hard til this day. Tobey showed off his organic webs to the Spidey Bros. And he gave encouragement to Andrew to find his MJ. Work smarter not harder.

Had a great Spider Man storyline. Green Goblin was a savage. Glad to see all the Raimi and Webb villains come back including Doc Ock. Alfred Molina doesn’t miss a beat. Tom Holland brought it all together (Almost destroyed all reality bringing all the Sinister Six villains to the MCU) and made a home run.


Bigger things on the horizon. Spider Man 4 will be based on his college years. Meeting new friends and maybe fighting Kingpin and Scorpion and teaming up with Daredevil. Maybe add Hammerhead and Tombstone in the mix. Get experienced talent like the director from John Wick. Let’s have some fun.



Scarlett did nothing wrong. She was there from the very beginning of The Infinity Saga dating back to Iron Man 2. Being a team player. And not treating her with the utmost respect is how you thank her for years of loyalty?


Aside from the drama, Black Widow is a pretty solid film. One of the coldest opening scenes in a Marvel movie. I loved her scenes with Yelena. Yelena is the standout of Black Widow. The Russian guy was a great villain.



Taskmaster took a huge L with that face revealed. I had high expectations for that character. He copies moves from other Avengers including Spider Man. Except Deadpool. Gave him a whopping Ultimate Spider Man. He’s so loco Taskmaster can’t even afford to copy his moves. Can’t touch this.


If they had just kept the mask on it wouldn’t have been fine. It is what it is. Cool action scenes. Maybe they’ll pull a Mandarin route where Tony Master was a mercenary working with Drakeoff. They cut ties and Drakeoff had his best scientists make the Taskmaster protocol modeled off Taskmaster. He took his name and gave it to his daughter. Just a theory.



I really liked Yelena. I’m glad she’s sticking around. Her next appearance is Thunderbolts with Red Hulk sanctioning the team with Val as his right hand. Basically, Marvel’s answer to Suicide Squad. Rumor has it they’re gonna fight Hyperion or The Sentry. Maybe the Squadron Supreme from Avengers Assemble. We didn’t have Disney Plus and all these other streaming services back then besides Netflix. Made the most of it.


Director Jake Schreier is a bit of an unknown. That’s how Marvel operates. They hire unknown directors with no experience directing big movies like superhero movies. In the earlier day it jumpstarted people’s careers like The Russo Brothers. Made smash hits from The Winter Soldier, Civil War, Infinity War and Endgame. Taika will never direct another Thor film again.


Jon Favreau is now working at Star Wars on The Mandalorian with Dave Filoni. Filoni also worked on Avatar: The Last Airbender. Not to confuse with the movies but they have similar ideas like the four elements. By Avatar 3 they’ll learn Fire.


They’ve been slowly building Star Wars reputation back after Disney’s Star Wars tainted George Lucas legacy. I wouldn’t be surprised if after the current president leaves, they’ll divide the roles of leadership following DC Studios lead. Creative wizard and business marketer. And basically, do the Ghostbuster route saying the Sequel Trilogy was set in an alternate universe using the World between Worlds from Star Wars Rebels after Ezra plucked Ahsoka before Vader killed her. Branched off to the Mandalorian timeline where those films never happened.

Just a theory.



People were not interested in this movie including me. As I said earlier with the box of chocolates, Eternals is an underrated gem. Thanos planet Titan was destroyed by the birth of a Celestial during their emergence. Knowhere is the head of a dead Celestial. Ego is a Celestial. Also, Peter’s father. God with a little g. You catch my drift. And Timut’s just collecting dust in the ocean somewhere. Arishem wasn’t too happy bout that.

Why they didn’t join the fight against Thanos is beyond me?


Most of the main standouts were Sersei, Kingo, Angela Jolie, Earth Bender Wong (Gilgamesh), Barry Keoghan, Markkari, Ajak, Sprite, and Karun.


Ikaris had the best suit of the bunch. He could’ve been one of the greats. He flew too close to the sun.


I’m not expecting another movie from Chloé Zhao anytime soon. They’ll show up in other movies like Avengers 5 & 6. The post credits didn’t really excite me much. I really want to see Black Knight in action. I heard nothing but great things about Kit Harington in Game of Thrones. I just watched House of the Dragon. I really missed out on dragons and the Iron Throne.



They essentially laid the foundation for mutants with the Celestials. The X-Gene is deprived of Celestial energy in terms of evolution. Namor being one of them. Earth is a hot market for superpowered people like Spider Man. He’s more of a mutate bitten by a radioactive spider. To be a mutant you must be born with the X-Gene. Whether it’s in your system is based on probability.


Like Creed from X-men TAS is the son of Sabretooth and Mystique. No powers. Hates mutants. They’re launching X-Men 97 in fall next year with Magneto leading the team. Bringing back most of the cast along with the Future X-Men like Cable and Bishop. What happened to the future this time? Nightcrawler will be on the team with New Mutant Sunspot.



He’s wearing the Uncanny X-Men costume from that run. Professor X is recovering in space at the Shi’ar Empire with Lilandra. His space girlfriend.


Mr. Sinister is the big bad of the series with The Hellfire Club and that evil Secretary. It’s already greenlit for s2 so we’re set as long as they don’t pull a Last Jedi. The showrunner did hire writers who are fans of TAS. I’ll believe it when I see it.


From what I’ve seen from the promos it looks clean. One of things that makes me excited for the show is its set in the Classic Marvel Animated Universe during the 90s. They had a crossover with Spiderman TAS during the Neogenic Nightmare Arc. Spider Man was mutating into the Man Spider. This savage looking Spider Man with extra arms. Punisher got involved.


Long story short he was able to get rid of it by using the Tablet of Destiny on the Vulture. Classic bait n switch.



It’s possible he might crossover in X-Men 97 for a version of Avengers vs X-Men but less messy and in the 90s. If the Avengers do pop up, who do you want on that team?

Keith David’s Black Panther is a solid choice in my book.






Loki is probably the best one because it set up the next big bad for The Multiverse Saga: Kang The Conqueror. That scene in Earth’s Mightiest Heroes season 2 New Avengers with the Council of Kangs makes so much sense now.

I didn’t understand it back then, I do now. Avengers 5 ever shares the title from one of their episodes from S1. Episode 19: The Kang Dynasty


He was set up in Avengers Endgame and Ant Man 2 with the Time Platform and Scott’s Pym Particles. That’s why the TVA didn’t arrest the Avengers during their Time Heist. All the TVA’s gear is powered by Quantum Energy. They exist in a pocket dimension. He Who Remains had them prune alternate timelines where a version of Kang almost rose to power. Sylvie’s timeline just happened to be one of them.


They think they’re protecting the sacred timeline but it’s really killing alternate universes. The Sacred Timeline is basically The Infinity Saga and He Who Remains is Kang at the end of his timeline. Immortus.


Allioth had quite the spread there.


Quantumania will set the groundwork for The Kang Dynasty. Kang is currently running the TVA and winning the 2nd Kang War from his city Chronopolis. Their even bringing back Yellowjacket from the first movie. Krylar (Bill Murray) happens to jump him and turn him into MCU M.O.D.O.K. wearing a Quantum mask.


The Kang we saw in the trailer will probably be successful in escaping the Quantum Realm with his Time Chair from the comics. It’s even got these giant rings that form around it with similar markings like the Ten Rings. No one couldn’t find a record of them because they were created outside the Sacred Timeline. They came from the future.


We knew Janet’s been in the Quantum Realm for years. Now we know that during Ant Man 2 she was running from Kang. While that’s going on Sunny Burch and The Ghost wanted their hands on Pym’s Quantum briefcase. There were theories online that their mysterious benefactor was Norman Osborn. After NWH brought William Dafoe back it seems unlikely. Oscorp really doesn’t exist yet as far as we know.



I think it’s more than likely to be Doctor Doom. In the comics Nathaniel Richards made some modifications with Dr Doom’s time platform in the 31st century. He’s also a descendant of Reed Richards. Maybe Dr Doom. They’re distantly related. The MCU does tend to simplify certain aspects of the comics to fit the narrative. Things can change.


Loki goes through Casey’s workbench and finds not just the Space stone but a bunch of Infinity Stones collecting dust.



Kang made them complete duds just to show you how powerful he is. He already killed other Avengers across alternate universes. Ant Man’s out of his league.


People online think Scott is gonna bite the dust but my gut points to Hank Pym. He’s the OG Ant Man. Him buying his family time to escape the Quantum Realm is him passing his legacy onto his loved ones including Cassie and Scott. Janet won’t leave his side and they’ll go out with a bang. By the time Scott and co escaped a bit of time had passed. Everyone’s running from something. They don’t know at first. And Scott sees Kang’s Fleet ready decimate the MCU.

One of the first heroes they link up with is Shang Chi after he lost the Ten Rings. He took my wings! Like Wen Wu was child’s play compared to Kang.


They were too late. Several years to be exact.


Ant Man will return in Avengers: The Kang Dynasty.


Kang needed the Avengers Time Machine to enact his plan of conquering other timelines. And it’s not just him.


If you think He Who Remains was evil wait til you meet his variants. Iron Man did allude to this idea in Endgame. You mess with time; it tends to strike back. Killing He Who Remains created more branched realities for all Kangs to divide and conquer.


Like which Kang can conquer the most timelines.


Michael Waldron was a producer on Rick and Morty. He also wrote Multiverse of Madness and is currently writing Avengers Secret Wars.



Dr Doom stopped The Beyonders in their tracks with Doctor Strange and a Molecule Man bomb. With their powers combined Doom absorbed all their power. Took all remnants of the multiverse and sewed them into BattleWorld. Ascending to God Emperor Doom.


It’s like Games of Thrones with Marvel variants.


I wanted the Russo Brothers to direct it. They talked about it in interviews promoting Infinity War and Endgame. After everything that went down with Black Widow, they stepped back. Can ya blame them?



They’ll be based on the new Secret Wars with Easter eggs from classic Secret Wars like Spider Man’s Black Suit. Kang will be the villain in both Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars taking Doom’s role.


I expect Dr Doom to have some part to play on BattleWorld. He not the villain of the Fantastic Four reboot. I assume he’ll be introduced in someone else’s movie or get his own movie or series before Avengers 5 & 6. Him, The Fantastic Four, and a variant of T’Challa as King of The Dead wielding the Infinity Gauntlet will turn the tide against Kang. Fix the multiverse. Maybe bring back Cap and Iron Man. But it also brought mutants into Earth 616 2.0. Like mutants were here the whole time. And he’ll continue to be a big character going forward after The Multiverse Saga. X-Men included.



Onto our honorable mentions



TFWS Episode 4


Namor Imperious Rex


What If Doctor Strange Lost His Heart Instead of His Hands


Alligator Loki

After much consideration he’s my ranking for Phase 4

  1. Spider Man No Way Home
  2. Shang Chi
  3. Loki
  4. Werewolf By Night
  5. Guardians of The Galaxy Holiday Special
  6. Multiverse of Madness
  7. Eternals
  8. What If
  9. Wandavision
  10. She Hulk Episode 8
  11. Moon Knight
  12. Hawkeye 1-5
  13. Black Widow
  14. Namor Imperius Rex


Phase 4 definitely had its faults but there are some upsides. Their suits reached a level of comic book accuracy. Moon Knight and Spider Man have one of the coolest suits in the MCU. You too Doctor Strange. Daredevil. Black Bolt. Even Uncle Sam passed with flying colors.


You know, if I oversaw Marvel Studios, I’d use the Time rules set up in Loki to easily erase some movies from Earth 616 like Wakanda Forever, Thor 4, and She Hulk. They still happened but in other universes.

Maybe for that T’Chaka spinoff, his dad fights the White Wolf and someone else from those Black Panther comics. Save the day. Flash forward to present day his brother is still alive. They reconciled. T’Challa became the Black Panther just not King yet. And Killmonger hanging out in the palace asking one of the Dora Milaje on a date. Things don’t add up.

Then Kang The Conqueror shows up on Wakanda’s doorstep and wipes that universe off the multiverse map showing how deadly he is. But T’Challa survives and vows to do everything in his power to kill Kang in the name of Wakanda.

Set in an alternate universe with similarities to Earth 616 but unfolds like a What If reality. Like the events of Civil War and Black Panther never occurred but Thanos still wiped out half the population.

T’Challa has an Infinity War Thor arc with him becoming King of The Dead like Secret Wars with the Infinity Gauntlet except he won’t die. And he reunites with Shuri sometime during Kang Dynasty or Secret Wars. When they fix the multiverse, he’ll be the Black Panther of that new universe going forward. Maybe even raise Toussaint and date MCU Storm.


I think out of all the projects in Phase 5 it’s Daredevil Born Again, Quantumania, and Guardians 3. Secret Invasion looks promising so far. You can’t go wrong with Samuel L Jackson. Across the Spiderverse is gonna outclass them all with the spider people and the return of my childhood hero The Spectacular Spider Man. And possibly 90s Spidey.


Deadpool will have a run in with the TVA in Deadpool 3 after he used Cable’s time watch in the post credit scenes. Creating even wilder branched timelines with Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine along for the ride. Maybe he’ll see his death in Logan just like what Loki went through.

Sabretooth might be one of the villains hunting Deadpool and Wolverine like a bounty hunter. Make fun of Marvel movies. MCU and Fox films respectively. It’s Morbin Time!

Deadpool clowns on Miss Minutes. And Mobius finally gets his jet ski like he always wanted. I happy Hugh came back one more time as Wolverine. I grew up with him in the Fox films. 2024 couldn’t come any sooner. Maybe 2025.



With Bob Iger reclaiming his job as Disney CEO, Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige will reevaluate their current slate for Phase 5 and 6. Take all the negative feedback from Phase 4 and eventually pull off another hit like The Infinity Saga and become something more. Evolve into something greater.


I still love Marvel. More excited for what DC has in store. Gunn’s DCU will take inspiration from the DCAU like Justice League TAS, JLU and Young Justice. That’s actually a good idea. Just don’t have Superman in a mini skirt or whatever Young Justice Outsiders was and you have yourself a new standard for superhero movies going forward.

Like Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

I wished the best for both Feige and Gunn and I’m hopeful something even better will come from those two even with all the craziness on DC’s side. Stay Whelmed.


Thank you everyone for reading. I had a great time creating this fun piece. Catching up on most Marvel projects not covered on the web. Even finding new things to appreciate. And here’s to new horizons in 2023.


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