Puss in Boots The Last Wish

Puss in Boots The Last Wish

Before we dive in I have something to say.

I was not expecting it to go this hard.

Dreamworks defined a generation starting back with Shrek. It did well with critics and fans of all ages. And it gave them an edge against Disney. I happened to grow up with all 4 films. Shrek Forever Again was the perfect sendoff for Shrek, Fiona, Donkey, and Puss in Boots at least for a while.

Even after the Shrek franchise went on a hiatus the company produced hits like How to Train Your Dragon and my personal favorite Kung Fu Panda. That trilogy had a lot of themes and lessons that still resonate with me growing up as a young adult. With the announcement of Kung Fu Panda 4 and Shrek 5 I’m stoked. I’m a fan of Jack Black and Mike Meyers. Their films have always been consistent. They inspire me.

And with that tease at the end of Puss In Boots 2 he wants to find more adventures and see some old friends. Far Far Away.


I loved both Puss in Boots films. This one came back with a vengeance and I’ll tell you why. But first play this little clip.




Disney villains were famous for outshining the hero. They even had their own theme songs.


They should consider doing 2D animated films again. A lot can happen in 5-10 year. 


Back to The Last Wish. Puss is on his last life. Being Puss in Boots he laughs in the face of danger. Death came out the cut and pulled a 180 on him.

If this was another prequel I’d probably shrug it off myself. There’s no way they kill off Puss in his own movie, right?

This ain’t that kind of movie.


The moment Puss was bleeding off his head and all his lives flashed before his eyes like that Shrek and Donkey cameo I was fearing for this boy’s life.


Death is the catalyst for the entire movie. He sets off the plot.

Puss didn’t value his other lives. Death has come to collect.


This ain’t the first time either. He already killed Puss a bunch of different times. 8 to be exact. 

He’s even in the first action scene when Puss is clobbering the Giant chilling in the background. 



The only way Puss can cheat Death is to find the Wishing Star and get all his lives back.

He’s not the only one looking for a wish.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears on Steroids. 


Team Puss (Kitty SoftPaws, Puss, and Perrito)


Jack Horner. He basically Thanos with a Pawn Shop. Voiced by John Mulanley. Spider Ham from Into The Spiderverse. 


They all want The Star but for completely different reasons. That man wants 100% of all magic all for himself.


Jimmy wound up biting him in the thumb later with that last minute save. Good riddance.


Dreamworks Villains are at the top of their class.

Its basically the Suicide Squad movie I thought I never get. Last Wish proved me wrong.


Bakers die. There’s even a Skeleton.  That chase scene plays out like The Suicide Squad opening. Great scene. 

And just when you think Puss in the clear this happens.


Perrito had to calm him down. Cool it. I didn’t like Perrito initially. Over the course of Last Wish I got his memo. He’s not in it for fame and glory. He just wants to be their for his friends. By the end Puss and Softpaws gave him a name. Perrito. 

In a sense they basically adopted him.

He even stop Jack by almost going through Herbies eventually making CAT DOG EYES. 


I always liked Puss x Softpaws. SoftBoots. They make a perfect couple.

She even gave him the little dagger he used in his last stand against death.

The only thing holding them back as it turns out is Puss In Boots.


Puss didn’t enter the altar. She did the exact same thing. 

Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek have great chemistry. He is the great Zorro after all.


Goldilocks is like Yelena from Black Widow. Family are a bunch of bears. She wants a real family for her Sweet 16 but realizes that she already has a family. And she saved Baby.


The moment we’ve all been waiting for. Puss’ last stand against Death with his signature sword.

Fear Me If You Dare!


Dreamworks really found their flame with that new animation style starting with The Bad Guys. Its like Spiderverse but with a 2D like art style. The characters are expressive. Every scene came straight out of the painting and the best part is its gonna get better. 

Last Wish is a joy to watch start to finish. Probably my favorite film in 2023 so far. Masterpiece. I grew up with the classic Dreamworks style in the 2000s. If Shrek 5 is anything like this we’re in for a treat. Death is the best character of Lash Wish. He had a looming presence throughout the film. He’ll go down as the greatest villain of all time. Not just Dreamworks but in all media. Marvel. DC. Star Wars. You name it. He’s up there with Tai Lung. Farquaad. Shen. Darth Maul. And Thanos. He probably take them all out. 

I believe the next Dreamworks film coming up is Trolls 3. Never watched the first two. Might turn out good.


Thank you for reading. I enjoyed talking about it with you all. One of my fresh reviews next week will be Quantumania. 

That’ll kickstart Phase 5 introducing Kang The Conqueror. Probably the worst Kang variant out there.

I read some reactions from the world premiere. The biggest red flag was they compared it to Wakanda Forever.

Let’s just say the sequel wasn’t my cup of tea.


I’ll be reviewing it. Giving you my take. Enjoy the rest of your day.

This is Ruben Comics. Signing OFF!!!




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