The Boys S3

The Boys S3

The Boys is completely bonkers it has been ever since the series launched on Amazon Prime. I had a blast watching the first two seasons. It’s one of the best superhero shows I’ve seen so far along with Invincible. If you haven’t watched The Boys there will be spoilers ahead. And don’t eat anything.

The whole premise of the show is taking down Homelander. Season 1 they tried exposing the Supes that didn’t work. Season 2 they exposed Compound V that didn’t work. This season they have to get Soldier Boy if they have any chance of killing him. He’s like their parody of Captain America but more ruthless.

After the events of Season 2, Stormfront bit her tongue. Homelander pushed a kid off the roof. Butcher got temporary powers through V-24. Hughie and Starlight are living together in an apartment. Victoria popped another head. And just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse, Homelander announced to the world on a reality show that he and Starlight are dating. He’s despicable.

Glorious Five Year Plan is all about getting to this secret lab in Russia and finding that secret weapon that supposedly took down Soldier Boy. Hughie finds out that Butcher’s been taking V-24. First they got to do a little job for Frenchie’s boss from episode 3. Butcher orders Kimiko to kill this Russian Guy. She’s not proud of what she did. While that’s going on Homelander’s been giving Vought a bad rep on the news so Stan Edgar makes a phone call with his step daughter Neuman to hold a press conference. She pulls the rug under him instead. Then he takes his glasses off for dramatic effect. Homelander double crossed him, getting control of Vought. In return he gave Vicki Compound V for her daughter. Edgar takes a temporary leave of absence Homelander just showed him the door. He’s not out of the loop just yet he’ll probably wait until the Seven burn the tower down or something. Starlight’s trying to assemble a team of her own including Supersonic in case they need to throw down with Homelander. A-train snitched on them then Homelander gave Starlight a view of a dead Supersonic. Before the raid Butcher takes another dose Hughie wants in on the power. Butcher treats him like his little brother Lenny on the show so he refused but that clearly didn’t stop him from taking a sip. We get this really cool sequence of Butcher lasering all the guards snapping their necks. Hughie gets this Nightcrawler like ability then rips out their heart straight outta Mortal Kombat. Only thing is the clothes don’t go with him. There’s even a little super-powered hamster that tears through a guy’s skull. Butcher rips open the sealed container and it’s none other than Soldier Boy, the first superhero. He sets off an energy blast from his chest completely destroying Kimiko. She does not heal. There is a lot of friction between The Boys this week. Frenchie and Kimiko were already not too keen on staying around. I have a hunch that Soldier Boy is the secret weapon Gunpowder mentioned in episode 2. They said he was killed but I suspect the Russian’s been keeping him on ice this whole time using their resources to cover it up. It’s unclear whether the Russian’s may’ve experimented on him or he’s had that power this whole time and that’s what set off the explosion in Nicaragua. Aside from Ryan he may be their best bet against Homelander as of right now.

Out of all the crazy things that happened on the show this is the biggest one. I can’t even begin to describe what I just witnessed. Herogasm is an annual event Soldier Boy and Stormfront founded for all the heroes. At the time she was Liberty Bell. Now the TNT Twins are hosting the event. They’re like a parody of the Wonder Twins from the Superfriends cartoon. It’s basically like the most disgusting Spring Break party imagined. Even Deep was having sex with an Octopus. Soldier Boy officially joined The Boys from last week’s episode; they had a bit of a Civil War splitting into two teams. Team Soldier Boy: Butcher, Hughie, and Soldier Boy. Team Starlight: Mother’s Milk and Starlight. Frenchie and a powerless Kimiko are off on their own dealing with the Russian Lady Frenchie worked for back in the day. Soldier Boy wants revenge on Payback for selling him out to the Russians. Black Noir was a part of that team back in the day so he removed his tracker getting off the grid. Homelander’s scared Soldier Boy might kill him; it gets to the point where he’s talking to himself in the mirror pulling a Green Goblin from Spider Man like all psychopaths do. And it’s only going to get worse from there.  Love Sausage makes another appearance. Hughie goes on recon trying to spot them just so that no one gets killed. He bumps into A-Train and demands that he apologize for killing his girlfriend all the way back in Season 1. Hughie punches him right in the face then Starlight stops him and teleports out of there. MM finally comes face to face with Soldier Boy. Basically Soldier Boy killed MM’s family. He tries to take him out with knockout gas but Soldier Boy inhaled it like it’s breakfast. Soldier Boy finds the TNT Twins and lights it up like the fourth of July. If that ain’t a hero I don’t know what is. Homelander steps on Termite for that Thanus scene in Ep1. The things he’s done. Everyone gets a piece of him and they pin him to the ground Infinity War style. No Cape! Soldier Boy almost did his thing but then Homelander got all in his feelings and bounced. They may have not killed him today but it was so satisfying seeing him get pummeled for once. This will be a day he won’t forget. Deciding that enough is enough Starlight takes her social media account exposing everything. Vought, Homelander, all of it. Starlight is no more.  Things are not looking too bright for A-train that heart attack was pretty severe. Team Soldier Boy is gonna need some extra hands if they have any chance of killing Homelander.

There’s so much that went down in the last two episodes. Instead of doing one I’ll be combining them together. They really pulled an Empire Strikes Back with Homelander and Soldier Boy. Homelander I am your father. I knew that he was built to be an even worse version of Soldier Boy. I just didn’t think they used his DNA. If he’s the father then that makes Stormfront his mother. Team Soldier Boy on the hunt for Mindstorm he’s been hiding out in the woods. If you make eye contact with him he puts you in your worst nightmare then you die. Butcher is out for the count. Starlight’s livestream was so big it started a riot outside Vought Tower declaring that they freed Maeve. Ashley covered it up wth the news. Maeve’s been held up in this white cage similar to what Vogelbaum used to hold little Homelander. Homelander’s trying to interrogate her on The Boy’s hiding spot she doesn’t flinch. He reveals the only reason why he’s keeping her alive is to harvest her eggs and start a big psychotic family. If he couldn’t win over Ryan what chances does he have? Butcher goes through a trip down memory lane seeing his past unfold. Rough childhood. When you have the same actor that voiced Scarecrow in Batman Arkham Knight to play the dad this happens. It got so bad he left Lenny to fend for himself. Shortly after Lenny couldn’t take it no more and shot himself in the head.  A big wake up call for Butcher no really he just woke up. Soldier Boy stabbed Mindstorm in the eye then punched Hughie to the ground. Mindstorm dropped the bomb about Noir, Vought and Hovmelander. Soldier Boy finished him off crushing his head. Homelander’s held a press conference throwing Starlight under the bus then he gets PTSD from his fight with Soldier Boy and the Boys. Then he walks over to a cow. Drinking all that milk. Neuman gave him Ryan’s address in exchange he send Deep for an instant kill on the competition for office. Everyone’s getting dark this season. Black Noir’s hiding out in this rundown Chuck E Cheese like restaurant eating beans in a can. These 2-d animals pop up helping him with two plays. Soldier Boy treated Payback like trash. He got Black Noir out of the role for Beverly Hills Cop. Noir tried to stand up for himself gets a beating instead. We got to see what really happened went down in Nicaragua. Payback got the jump on Soldier Boy but not before he burned Noir’s face then bashed half his brain with that shield. That’s how he lost his ability to speak. It was really cool seeing a fight in 2-d the animation was top notch. Kinda funny how Soldier Boy is a Eagle and Stan Edgar is a weasel pretty ironic. Noir’s encouraged to kill his former leader or die trying. Homelander killed him in the finale. God dang I knew he was gonna die trying just not the way I was expecting. Listening to them animals got him killed. Talk about cleaning house. So the drug Hughie and Butcher been taking have a deadly side effect. Starlight gets Compound V for Kimiko bumping into Homelander. He threatened Hughie again little did he know she caught him in 4k Ultra HD i95 Playstation 8. All her followers saw that. Good luck explaining that Homeboy. A-train got his heart replaced with Blue Hawk’s he can run again his brother on the other hand rejects him. 

Homelander found Ryan. I’m like Think, Ryan, Think. You run with a psychopath you’ll turn into a psychopath in the long run. He did it anyway. Well Butcher did say some harsh words back in the premiere. That end up screwing up the plan. If it weren’t for Ryan the world would’ve been a safer place one Supe at a time. No matter how you look at it Soldier Boy would’ve kept his word. Then The Boys betrayed him. Big L. Where’s Amanda Waller when you need her?  We get Soldier Boy vs The Boys and Maeve vs Homelander. She got some good licks in caused a noise bleed. All that for a drop of blood. He goes for her eye just like what Becca did to Stormfront in S2. Killing Supes 101: when in doubt go for the eye. Didn’t stop her from doing a 180 on his ear. Soldier Boy gave them a run for their money for a minute. Hughie almost took the Temp V but instead cranked up all the lights giving Starlight this Ultimate Form. They all tried to put him to sleep with knockout gas 2.0 courtesy of Frenchie. Not enough to take him out though he goes full on Nuclear. Maeve got her hero moment taking Soldier Boy out of harms way making a massive fart. There both survived takes more than that to kill the MVPs of the season. It takes Ryan to stop Homelander from killing everyone then bounced paralleling Butcher leaving with Ryan last season but in reverse. Butcher collapsed on the floor for taking too much Temp V. It gave my homie Cancer. He saved Hughie from taking more. He only got 12-18 months to live not a lot of time. Annie has officially joined The Boys. She threw her Starlight costume away first then joined. Cuts to the Tv Neuman and Dakota Bob from the premiere are running for office. Got a few months to live best to make the most of it. Deep’s girlfriend Cassandra destroyed his whole career twice exposing him having sex with a Octopus. Then it ends with Homelander taking Ryan to a big protest around the Soldier Boy statue. A Starlight supporter throws a can at Ryan. Homelander laser beamed him on the spot.

That stepfather MM gave the hands to just cheered on everyone else followed suit. I’m sure the other half won’t see it that way. Then it zoom in on Ryan this creepy music plays in the background and he just smiles.

Things are starting to escalate in The Boysverse. Bit of a downer ending for the most part. Jensen Ackles(Voice of Red Hood) is my favorite part of the season. If things ended up differently he could’ve been a Anti Hero like the Punisher. I’m glad they kept him alive maybe Mallory will form a version of the Suicide Squad against The Seven well more like the Three now. Every time I hear Soldier Boy I think of that Soulja Boy song back in the early 2000s. With everything that’s going on Butcher’s time limit S4 might be the final season for the series show however many seasons they’ll go. He’ll have to turn Ryan back to the light side before he does something he’ll surely regret. I know Maeve still has the footage she threatened Homelander. Maybe she gave it to Starlight before she retired to the Farm. He got Ryan take something from him in return: his fame. He’ll still have the rioters but at least some people will know he’s a fraud. Hughie still has V-24. Might as well give it to MM. He did have power in the comics. Just sayin That about wraps it up for The Boys S3 it just keeps gets better and better each season.

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