Obi-Wan Kenobi

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Obi-Wan Kenobi brings back the Jedi and is a spiritual successor to the prequels. I grew up with those movies including The Clone Wars it was a good time to be a Star Wars fan before Disney. Parts 1-2 take place 10 years after Revenge Of The Sith and Anakin’s fall to the dark side. During this time The Jedi were hunted by The Inquisitors, Jedi controlled by The Empire. The Grand Inquisitor from Star Wars Rebels along with the Fifth Brother and Third Sister. Obi-Wan has cut himself off from the force living in the same cave from A New Hope. He’s been keeping an eye on Luke and avoiding The Empire while also dealing with Anakin’s death. Ever since Disney acquired Star Wars things got out of hand. From what I’ve seen so far it seems very promising. I won’t go into detail but the last few minutes of Ep 2 had me at the edge of my seat and I can’t wait for that rematch between Obi Wan and Darth Vader.

Part 3 brings Darth Vader back in a big way after last week’s episode. We get this great montage of him putting on his armor ready to tear Kenobi piece by piece. I know from last week’s episodes Reva seemingly killed The Grand Inquisitor but I know he’s not dead. He doesn’t die till Star Wars Rebels. He’s probably getting cybernetic surgery as all Sith do. Vader calls Reva and orders her to find Kenobi. He offers her title of Grand Inquisitor if she succeeds. He doesn’t care about the Inquisitors at all. The Emperor and him were always trying to double cross each other at every turn. Vader kills a few Inquisitors before they get too powerful. I think Reva’s gonna bite the bullet by the end of the series if it doesn’t get a season 2. Obi Wan and Leia land on Mapuzo taken over by The Empire. I think it was a smart choice to bring Leia back into the picture. She’s a lot like Padme from her manners to calling out her cousin. I can see why she became one of the leaders of the Rebellion. Obi Wan and Vader have had their first face off since their battle on Mustafar. This is how you do a Star Wars villain. You have them with a cold opening and force choke half a town scaring Kenobi. Obi Wan is a little out of practice and he’s horrified at what Anakin has become. Vader ain’t messing around, he lifts him up in the air and sets the ground on fire with his lightsaber. Then he throws him in the fire just like what happened to him in Revenge of The Sith. An eye for an eye. While all this is going down Reva is chasing Leia in the sewer. Kenobi managed to get away from Vader’s wraith then the episode ends. Now during their travel Kenobi saw a mysterious figure in a black hood then he vanished. I think it might be Anakin Skywalker. We know that Hayden came back for the role he was also in the Vader suit just like what he did during the end of Revenge of The Sith. Obi Wan might be having a force vision. I like to see how he obtains the knowledge to turn into a force ghost prior to his final duel in A New Hope. It’s so cool having Hayden back as Anakin Skywalker and I love to have at least one more fight between those two before the season ends.

Part 4 brings us to the Fortress Inquisitorius. Reva captured Leia and is interrogating her about The Tunnels from last episode and where they can find more. Obi Wan’s been put in this banta tank Darth Vader’s in his own tank at his castle. They can both sense each other through the force. Kenobi wakes up and he teams up with Tala and a handful of pilots. During this period the Rebellion wasn’t as organized as they were during the Original Trilogy and a handful of Jedi. They have to infiltrate Inquisitorius and save Leia just like A New Hope. Obi Wan goes all stealth and stumbles on this trophy room filled with Jedi and Younglings. Reva’s getting a little impatience so she straps Leia on a torture chamber but she’s stopped by Tala as a distraction. Kenobi takes down a couple Stormtroopers and frees Leia from the torture chair. They managed to escape but not before Reva planted a tracking device on Leia’s droid. Vader makes a grand entrance choking Reva to death. She made a pass this time but we know better. It then cuts to the droid glowing red. Little Droid has turned to the dark side. It’s safe to say Obi Wan and Darth Vader will have their rematch part 3 was just a little taste of what’s to come. There’s no sign of Anakin this time but I suspect we’ll see him again at some point during the final two episodes of the season.

Part 5 opens up with a flashback of Anakin and Obi Wan before Clone Wars and Revenge of The Sith having a lightsaber duel. This is by far my favorite lightsaber fight in the series; it’s on the same level as the prequels. Anakin had the upper hand for a minute but Obi Wan had the high ground. He tried to teach him that winning isn’t everything that he didn’t need to prove himself. Obi Wan was like an older brother to Anakin; he tried his best to follow in Qui Gonn’s footsteps it’s just a shame that Darth Sidious manipulated him during the war. Back in present day Darth Vader found Obi Wan on Jablim and sends Reva along with a few stormtroopers to capture him. Obi Wan tries to reason with Reva that they can take Vader down together. There was a reason why she knew Anakin was Darth Vader because she was one of the younglings during Order 66. She played dead in the Jedi Temple and spent the last 10 years getting close to Vader in hopes of killing him. Unfortunately for her, history won’t see it that way. Obi Wan turns himself in to buy the Rebellion some time to escape. Vader was counting on it. They played a game of cat and mouse. Lola tried to attack Leia but she’s able to turn it back to the Light Side and got the hangar door open. Vader used the force to stop the ship but it was a decoy, the real one’s able to escape along with Kenobi. Reva takes her chance to end the Sith lord’s life; he mopped the floor with her. And he wielded two lightsabers, a nice callback to his fights with Count Dooku in the prequels. He stabs her then the Grand Inquisitor steps out of the shadows like a boss. Vader planned to double cross her the whole time like there was any doubt. It just now she’s outlived her usefulness at this rate. They just left her in the trash where she belongs. Just when I think we’re out of the woods, Reva’s got Obi Wan’s communicator and learns about Luke Skywalker. This is by far my favorite episode of the season. Now that Reva knows Luke’s location she’s too dangerous to be kept alive. During this point Vader didn’t know Luke was his son yet until Empire Strikes Back he did have a force vision of him he just didn’t know who he was. We only have one episode left. It remains to be seen how they deal if Reva dies. By the time we get to Star Wars A New Hope all the Inquisitors are wiped out so her chances of living are slim. Now all that’s left is getting Leia back to Alderaan, faking his death just to throw off Vader, and hopefully the secret dies with the Third Sister. Albeit she’s no longer with the Empire.

The moment we’ve all been waiting for. Part 6 finally gives us that rematch between Obi Wan and Darth Vader and it was worth the wait. They have it on this rock moon before their duel Vader asks Kenobi if he’s come to destroy him. Obi Wan will do what he must with his signature fighting stance. This is my favorite action scene in the series. Kudos to Hayden Christensen doing all the stunts. Darth Vader pulls a Force Unleashed move shaking the ground causing Obi Wan to fall. Vader has the HIGH GROUND. Then he takes all those rocks and buries Obi Wan thinking he killed his old master. Little did he know Kenobi was struggling to keep those boulders at bay. The one thing that saved him were his memories of Leia, Yoda, and Anakin that got him out of there. He goes ham on Vader slicing and dicing. He lifts all of them rocks with the force and hurls them at Vader. He’s a Airbender. And then he cuts half his mask just like Ahsoka did in Star Wars Rebels. It had me in the feels. These two used to be brothers for pete’s sake. There’s a bit of blue on Anakin’s burnt face and just when you think he’s coming back to the light that red snaps him back into Vader mode. Obi Wan leaves Vader on the moon before their last face off in A New Hope. On Tatooine, not so dead Reva just figured she try to kill little Luke since she didn’t get to kill Vader. I would’ve been fine if she stayed dead, that’s where things should’ve ended for her character like the Inquisitors before her. As long as she doesn’t pop up again in another Star Wars project I’m good. Then Qui Gonn visits Obi Wan as a force ghost. This is the cherry on top I grew up with the prequels along with Clone War so seeing Lian reprise his role warms my heart.

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