She Hulk Attorney At Law

She Hulk Attorney At Law

The moment we’ve all been waiting for. After long weeks of filler, Daredevil finally made his appearance on She Hulk. Before we dive in, I’ll be real with you for a second. I haven’t been enjoying the show. I don’t hate or love it. Its just average. Love and Thunder left me with a bad taste in my mouth. The MCU is not what it was. A lot of it has to do with Bob Chapek. I will do a complete Phase 4 review once it ends. With that out of the way, let’s go. Jen’s representing Leap Frog (not preschool Leap Frog) against her suit designer and Edna’s son Luke Jacobson. And who’s representing Luke? MATT MURDOCK! He mopped the floor with She Hulk (in court). He’s all like You used Jet fuel, didn’t you? The Nose knows. And the Sokovia Accords aren’t a thing anymore; that’s a bonus if anyone was wondering. Matt offers her a drink. The official Marvel website just confirmed it’s the same Daredevil from the Netflix series. As if their conversation wasn’t any doubt. They even played his theme. He tells Jen she can be a lawyer and a superhero. A very Matt thing to say. He’s a really good lawyer. She Hulk meets up again with Todd. He bought a Vibranium spear from an auction. Wakanda wants it back. Know how did he get his hands on Vibranium? Did some of it get lost in the final battle against Thanos? Dr. Doom likes to get his hands on that Vibranium Honey. Todd mad SUS. I wouldn’t be surprised if he works with Intelligencia. I got a good chuckle out of She Hulk’s reaction. Sometimes the best jokes are no words. Then we got She Hulk vs Daredevil. This should’ve happened way sooner. Daredevil a bit more acrobatics some moves looked a bit unpolished. He’s wearing the red and yellow costume from his first debut in Daredevil #1 1964. Bullseye tarnished Daredevil’s image in Season 3 so he changed things up and it’s a nod to his dad cause he also wore red and yellow. Gotta give him props he held his own for a minute. And he got a bit of smug too. My butt remains unwhooped. Matt and Jen got horny chemistry. They team up, Daredevil got a semi hallway fight, and Leap Frog jumped off a window. Ribbit or Rip It! Dummy. When the dust settled they hang out on a rooftop. Smiling at each other.  Then they have sex. Smoooooth Matt Murdock! I see that as an absolute win in my book. And it felt like a natural progression of his character rather than making him a joke. As look as Daredevil Born Again Rated R I’m good. And has the same writers from the Netflix series please. Everything’s going smooth for She Hulk. Finally had a actually good episode. Made a Red Hulk reference. Nikki made a Wolverine reference. Deadpool 3 bout to be fire. Bout to accept a award (Mallory too). Then Hulk King exposed her browsing history. They show her having sex with Josh (terrible dude). Makes her go Savage She Hulk. Almost wasted that Intelligencia guy. Damage Control swooped in. She looks at the camera…. yeah I’m scared of her right now. I know she’s pretty upset but she got that death stare. Like she tryin kill me. Things took a dark turn. The Leader might have something to do with it he was a member of Intelligencia in the comics. A group of a the smartest villains of the Marvel Universe. Dr. Doom and MODOK was also members of that team. There also responsible for creating Red Hulk. MCU version more of a reddit group with Squid Games vibes. Leader’s the main villain of Captain America 4. I’m not him to make an appearance tho just a tease. That’s a pattern with the Marvel Disney Plus shows. They tease a secret villain then show them at the last minute. It worked with Kang and Agatha everyone else not so much. Kingpin was set up well in Hawkeye then turned into a mini boss. Now he gotta earn his reputation back in Echo (probably only watching it for Daredevil and Kingpin). Finale dropping next week. Lame Hulk might pop up. There were set photos with him and Titania. I wouldn’t be surprised if ended up on the cutting room floor. I’ll do a season review as well.

There’s only one thing I have to say about the finale: yikes. It was so bad my brain stopped for 10 hours. I appreciate them for trying to do something different from the other Marvel Disney Plus show finales (Except Loki) but at the same time Jen just made it even worse than it already was. Even Daredevil couldn’t save the finale. I did like the 4th Wall Breaks. I didn’t know initially that she did it before Deadpool. She meets K.E.V.I.N. it’s just wasn’t what I was expecting. It’s a AI with a cap. They mad fun of MCU’S State as a whole. You know I gotta commend She Hulk for asking the right questions. When are we getting X-men? If ya’ll ok with recasting Red Hulk why didn’t you recast T’Challa? Is Blade in trouble?And what’s with Skaar’s hairline? And Abomination’s staying at Kamar Taj where they serve the finest bread in the nation. Not a fan of how they treated both Hulk and Abomination. Where’s the fire?

She Hulk was ok. That’s unfortunate it had so much potential She Hulk a really fun character. I liked Tatiana Maslany’s performance but the show just doesn’t do her character justice. I’m not laughing at most of the jokes. I l liked the supporting cast. I liked Madisynn stole the show. Mallory was cool. I was hoping Abomination was just pretending to act nice, get locked up again, and get recruited by Val for the Thunderbolts. Instead they turned him into a hippie.

It’s never been an issue with Marvel Studios before. It’s just one of the many casualties of New Disney Ceo Bob Chapek. Word on the street is Feige’s stretched thin these days thanks to Disney Plus and lost some power. Interesting fact back in the earlier phases Kevin used to report to Ike Perlmutter, president of Marvel Entertainment. Ike didn’t want to pay Rdj more money for Civil War. And he mad cheap. It was so bad that Feige almost quit Marvel. Then Bob Iger swooped in. Made Marvel Studios a seperate division now he only reported to Alan Horn. Bob and Alan left Disney. Present day Bob Jr running the joint. Things just got out of hand. He’s like another Perlmutter but ain’t leaving anytime soon.

I’m don’t like what this is all heading. I liked it better when they released 1-2 films a year. And weren’t owned by Disney. They all feel rushed. Didn’t iron out the details. Had some hits every now just barely. There are rumblings of a War World Hulk film. At this rate Betty Rose gonna have to die to bring Savage Hulk back. Overall, Episode 8 made the list. She Hulk go to the trash 🗑.

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