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Today Marks The 9th Anniversary of TASM 2 (The Amazing Spider Man 2) 

This Is A Review I Wrote In 7th Grade In One Of My Classes Back In 2014

The First Review

Superhero Game Comic

At The Time It Was Pretty High On My List. The Trailers Had Me Pumped

Then IGN Published Their Review. It’s Why I Started This Website In The First Place

After That, I Never Watched It Again For 7 Years

Then A Month Before No Way Home Released I Finally Found The Courage To Watch Both TASM films. Felt Like It Was Yesterday

I Still Remember My Dad Taking Me And My Brother to the Magic Johnson Theater After He Picked Me Up From Kettering Middle School. I Had A Running Nose. Nachos On My Lap. Being Sick Didn’t Stop Me From Having A Good Time

Nowadays It’s Better Than Phase 4 Combined. Some Things Were Messy But There’s So Much To Love. The Chemistry Between Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. The Web-Slinging. The VFX Chef’s Kiss. The Action. The Suit. The Sets. A Score by Hans Zimmer

I Predicted Electro’s Return in No Way Home. Just Not The Way I Expected. At The Time People Hated Andrew. He Was More Of A Outcast. I Was Just Thrilled To See Another Spider Man Movie. I Liked The Sinister Six Setup. His Flicks Hit Different For Me Now After NWH. If Anything There Better For It

Andrew Garfield Wasn’t A Bad Spider Man. Just Different

Some Things Are A Little Outdated.  Spider Man 3 Is A Great Film. Maybe Someday I’ll Redo It. Talk About It On The Podcast With A Friend Or Two

Let Me Know What You Thought Of TASM 2 And What We’re Some Things You Disliked. Feel Free To Post In The Comment Section Down Below


The Amazing Spider Man 2 is One of The Best Spider Man Movies since Spider Man 2. It Had Lots of Villains Like Electro, Wannabe Goblin, and The Rhino. It Was Overcrowded Like Spider Man 3. That Movie Had Villains Like Sandman, Venom, And New Green Goblin.

In The Amazing Spider Man 2, Harry Transforms Into Wannabe Goblin. So Anyway This Movie Handled The Villains Pretty Well Unlike Spider Man 3. The Amazing Spider Man 2 Handles How That Character Appears Like Alistair Smythe. He Appears at Oscorp Talking at Max He Appears To Walk On His Legs. In Spider Man TAS, Alistair Smythe Was In A Wheelchair And Later On Turned Into A Somewhat Cyborg. The Way He Appears In The Movie Is That We Got A Glimpse Of Him And Doesn’t Appear Again Because It’s Just A Setup For Future Films like Rhino.

He Appears At The Beginning of The Movie Without Him Becoming The Rhino But Towards The End of The Movie He Shows Up In His Armor. Another Thing About This Movie is Electro. He’s A Sympathetic Villain. He Has A Depression Backstory. He’s A Nobody (Don’t Forget Cuckoo). He Felt Betrayed By Spider Man And Gets Revenge By Taking Out All The Power In Manhattan And Challenges Spidey But Gets Destroyed And We Never See Him Again Or Do We?

Wannabe Goblin Came Out Of The Shadows (ITS THE GRINCH). Kidnaps Gwen. Chases Goblin To The Clock Tower. They Had A Tussle And Gwen Dies. Spidey Brings Goblin To Ravencroft. Then After That It Been A Few Months Ever Since Gwen Died Everything Is Peaceful In Manhattan (Far From Peaceful) Until The Rhino Comes And Trashes The Place.

How Did This Happen? Well Mr. Fierce AKA The Man in The Shadows AKA The Gentleman Visits Harry At Ravencroft Who Feels Better. The Gentleman And Harry Devise A Plan To Set Up A Group Of Super Villains To Bring Down Spider Man. The Ones You Know In Love…. THE SINISTER SIX!!! That Means We’ll Get To See Electro Again Because Electricity Doesn’t Die, It Just Goes Somewhere. Maybe He’s Still Out There. They May Find A Way To Bring Him Back In Future Films. (Called It)

The Movie Is Jam-Packed. Humor Is Good, The Action Is Good, Even Spider Man Is The Best. Andrew Garfield Made A Good Spider Man. Jamie Foxx Made A Good Electro An Actual Character Come To Life For The Record. I Give This Movie A 7.5. Hope You Check Other Reviews On Superhero Movie Thanks For Reading. Hero out. (His Words)


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