Sonic Frontiers Convergence

Sonic Frontiers Convergence

Sonic Frontiers releases in 8 days. We’re only 1 week away from the big event. Sega happened to release this comic taking place before Frontiers just like they did with Sonic Forces. Ian Flynn is a huge contribution to Sonic’s recent success. He wrote for the IDW comics and is currently writing for the game. I gotta say I’m a big fan of what he does. He seems knowledgeable about the Sonic lore. He understands the characters. Except Shadow not his fault blame the Sega mandates. Hope he gets redemption in Sonic 3. That aside I have nothing but respect for Flynn. He’s like the Kevin Feige of Sonic. If it wasn’t for him or The Last Ronin I wouldn’t be reading comics today. Without further ado let’s dive in.

It starts off with Sonic, Tails and Amy fighty a Shellcracker-like mech saying plenty of callbacks to SA1. Get a load of this. No way! I can’t believe this! Nostalgic. Tails unscrews Shellcracker from the back. Shellcracker down. Turns out it was a decoy Eggman distracting our heroes from Starfall Islands. Orbot even calls them D3-Coy. I see what they did there. Eggman started shop Orbot and Cubot are talking with him from the lair. So they’re not going to be in the game. Eggman’s talking an AI which all but confirmed is none other than SAGE. Text boxes are red. SAGE is red. It confirmed my suspections. There were leaks about Eggman installing an AI on the islands. What can possibly go wrong.

It was pretty short for a prequel. The more we get new details I’m left with more questions than answers. Why did the Chaos Emeralds go to Starfall Islands? If Sage was created by Eggman then who was Sonic talking to in one of the leaked cutscenes? Are the Ancients aliens? Just when I’m writing this they just released the Knuckles animated prologue. I’ll be covering that. Convergence gave some insight into SAGE. I loved the SA references. Can’t wait to play Sonic Frontiers when it launches in 4 days. I’ll do a first impressions review once I played it for a bit.

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