YNegma Ep 1: Pain is In The Process (Non Spoiler Review)

YNegma Ep 1: Pain is In The Process (Non Spoiler Review)

This is Ruben Comics. For one of my first reviews in 2023, I decided to do a non spoiler review for YNegma Episode One. Pain Is In The Process.

During one of my comic con visits in the dmv, I met the creator of YNegma at his booth. He showed me previews of their character. Costume. Art. Name. It was a fun time. We exchanged business cards and I told him if I ever bought his first comic I’ll do a review on it.

I launched the Website last month along with the podcast. What better way to start off fresh than with YNegma? With that out of the way let’s dive in.

Ever since I heard that name it left me with so many questions. Who is YNegma? I’ll do you one better Why YNegma? The ending definitely makes that clear but also left more questions than answers. There’s more than meets the eye.

It starts off with YNegma in his 5th year of crime fighting skimming over the origin story at least initially. So he probably faced a bunch of villains already as least from what I’ve seen.

Then we get flashbacks of Yomile Dayh and his family at a press conference for NuDayH Academy. The mom’s like the anchor that binds them together. Sister’s doing a big speech.

Everything’s going well then that brother with the petty attitude started trouble. Spoiler alert he has the same barber as Luke Cage. He’s like Luke Cage but greedy and grew up on the wrong side of Harlem.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he winds up being the main villain or one of the main villains of the series. Like the hero has a personal connection to the villain they just happened to hate each other from the start.

I liked the suit. Gives me Spawn, Batman, Scorpion, Cloak, and Assassin’s Creed vibes. His logo’s all gold. Very fast. Might have super strength. I didn’t see enough of him in the suit but I’m sure the creators are saving most of his abilities for future episodes.

I’ll tell you one thing the action is intense. Straight out of The Boys. A bunch of DAMAGE. Cleanup crew gonna have a field day.

I can’t get enough of YNegma. I want to see what happens next cause it ended on a cliffhanger. Great start. Better than comics nowadays. I didn’t find the family that interesting besides the mother. I was mainly focused on YNegma, The Bad Brother, and the fight. I didn’t even know who’s who. Are they heroes? Villains? Or both? It felt like a pilot for a tv show. Glad I had the chance to read it. I’ll be doing a spoiler review before the end of January. Things are gonna ramp up very soon. Shoutout to Younaverse Comics.

If you like to purchase their comic there’s a link to their website below. It’s very clean. Easy to navigate.


I can’t always guarantee a comic review every month. It’s not something I do all the time. Ruben Comics mainly does movies and tv shows. I try to do as much as I can but I also want to write about things that I love. YNegma is one of them. I heard good thing about The Last of Us. Watched my brother play both games on Playstation. I don’t know that much about the lore but I’m keen on checking it out. Thank you for checking out my review.

This is Ruben Comics. Signing OFF!!!

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