What If S1

What If S1

Time. Space. Reality. It’s more than a linear path. It’s a prism of endless possibility where one choice can branch out into alternate realities. I am Ruben Comics. I’m your guide through this season. Follow me and ponder the question What if. Jeffrey Wright plays a character known as the Watcher acting as a narrator of the series. This series explored multiple universes where character’s you know and love might’ve started their paths differently than what transpired in the MCU movies, especially the villains. Some have bright futures ahead others have dangers that affect that world by one change.

Doctor Strange was a successful surgeon before studying the mystic arts. In one universe, he was able to heal his hands, saving all reality and became the Sorcerer Supreme. In this one he lost so much more. He invited his lady for the award ceremony then got into the same car accident that resulted in him losing his hands and ended up killing Christine instead. Few years later, Strange went back to the night using the time stone to change her fate then things got out of hand. After multiple attempts the Ancient One told him that no matter what Christine must die if she doesn’t everyone dies. This brings Strange down a dark path that the Watcher witnesses but can’t risk the safety of the multiverse. Before that Ancient One used a spell to split Strange into two different timelines. Good Strange meets Strange Supreme in a wizard battle. Two become one he finally saves Christine but as the Ancient One said everyone dies. Strange asks The Watcher to save his world but it’s too late. The Watcher cannot interfere and can only disappear as this reality is doomed. Strange Supreme makes a bubble as a last resort just to watch her die again. This is my favorite episode of the series. It had heart, great characters, and a storyline that’s important for what’s to come in Doctor Strange in The Multiverse of Madness and beyond.

What If is the first animated show in a minute. Marvel has been making animated shows and movies long before Disney bought them back in 2009. We rarely see anything from Marvel regarding animation since until now. Earth’s Mightiest Heroes goes down as one of their best shows that stood its own ground especially those that came before. This is a step in the right direction and I like to see more from that department, even X Men 97 that picks up minutes after that last episode for one last time possibly. Maybe make a animated series that doesn’t rely on the MCU like before. Overall, I give season 1 a 10 out of 10. What If brought new avenues to explore in this vast multiverse. Heroes got new journeys while also staying true to their respective character. Villains like Ultron got the respect they deserve. And the Watcher may not join the fight just yet but will continue to watch over the multiverse and protect it til the end.

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