Sonic Prime

Sonic Prime

Man, we Sonic fans been eating good last year. Sonic 2 brought new fans into the franchise. Sonic Frontiers took Sonic to the next level. I mean the Titan boss fights maximized Super Sonic’s potential. Best part of the game.

I heard Sonic Origins had a rough launch but I was never interested. My attention was on Frontiers. I plan to do a spoiler review on it at some point diving into the story and characters.

I’ll tell you one thing the Final Boss is a disappointment.


With that out of the way let’s dive into why I think Sonic Prime is the best Sonic show in years.

Right out the gate its all about the multiverse. Or the Shadowverse.

I see what you did there Sega.

Man of Action was the team behind Prime. They’re mainly known for producing Ben 10. They really didn’t do Alien Force and Ultimate Alien. That was handled by the late Dwayne McDuffie. He did a few DC films like Justice League Doom. That’s probably why Omniverse wasn’t so beloved. Had its moments just not my cup of tea.


Everyone’s riding the multiverse train now. Spider Man. MCU. The Flash movie. Doctor Strange. Loki. And recently Sonic The Hedgehog.

It starts off with Sonic and friends fighting Dr Eggman. He’s got his hands on the Paradox Prism. Basically a gateway to the multiverse. Sonic ends up smashing it to pieces with super speed. Shattered to different pieces along with everyone else except Sonic and Shadow.

Speaking of which, Shadow is not a Vegeta clone anymore. He actually tried to reason with Sonic telling him not to destroy the world. Something the old Shadow would do. It’s a really cool fight.


Everytime a character or villain puts up there dukes or music starts playing it’s a blast. I grew up on Sonic X that was my X-Men TAS. They adapted Sonic Adventure 1 & 2. A version of Sonic Battle. Their action scenes got nothing on this.

My favorite is Sonic vs Shadow. He acts like an older brother to Sonic. Like my brother but with air shoes. Before that he found a Chaos Emerald. Sonic blew up the world Shadow used Chaos Control preventing him from getting shattered into pieces like Sonic’s friends and Eggman.

He’s even got his own Flash scenes from Batman vs Superman guiding Sonic to The Void just to beat him up.


He promised Maria he’d protect the planet. Sonic destroyed the universe. Yeah.


Sonic pulled a No Way Home. Local Hedgehog ruins everything. Sonic has never done anything like this throughout the games and shows.

The movies are doing their own thing taking elements from the games. Shadow is the next villain of Sonic 3. He came after Chaos but that’s cool.

Nexflix wanted people to understand Sonic as a whole. I always understood the Blue Blur and what he stands for but I’m on board with Prime’s take.

Like throughout the show he’ll overcome those obstacles, save the multiverse and become more like the Sonic we all know and love.


D. Mack Jr. was great from day 1. Sonic’s very talkative. Great energy. And more importantly a good friend. I enjoyed whenever he’s on screen talking to Tails. Hanging off with Rouge The Bat. And trashing some Badniks. Also flirting with Amy. I love you in every universe. Sonamy for life.

All the cast did an awesome job even Dr Eggman voiced by Brian Drummond. The OG Vegeta. And Dr. Claw. I thought he sound familiar. I mainly grew up on Dragon Ball Z Kai but that’s a cool fact. He sounds like a young Mike Pollock.


Out of all the variants I’ve seen, Tails is the most interesting. Nine is basically Doc Ock. Tails at his full potential. He fights Sonic at first then they become friends. Got his own Batcave. The Prower. All kinds of gadgets.

What I really like about Sonic Prime is the animation and art style. Each world has a different landscape making them stand out from each other.

Sonic’s gear gets a glowup every time he touches one of the shards traveling to other universes. He even got Wolverine claws. That’ll be cool dlc.

One of the worlds Sonic visits is Pirates of The Carribean. The whole world is covered in water at least from what I’ve seen. Sonic friends are here too, they’re just shattered Across the Shadowverse. But Sonic doesn’t exist in any of the worlds we’ve seen as far as we know. They might be saving that for later but I’m not really expecting it.


Sonic’s not the only one looking for diamonds either. There’s these other versions of Eggman ruling the first world Sonic crashed on. Nueva Yolk City. They called them the Chaos Council. I just call them the Council of Eggmans. There’s even a baby Eggman. Egg Baby. Oh the irony.

That world reminds me of Robotropolis from SatAM. No grass. All metal. Even Amy’s been roboticized.

Like It’s a Wonderful Life but Eggman conquered the world.

At first they wanted to crush the Freedom Fighters but when they saw Nine’s new toy they changed plans right away. Took it. Balled it up. And Threw it out the window.

Council of Eggman: So Eggcoin is dead. Multiverse is trending right now. GET THAT SHARD!

It’s like the Kang Multiverse War but with Eggman of all people.


Maybe towards the final episodes they’ll end up getting all the shards and turn into Prime’s version of Eggman Nega from Sonic Rush. An even more powerful and dangerous Eggman. Or Eggman Nega is one of his variants that got shattered through the prism. He teams up with his other variants then winds up taking the power of the Paradox Prism for himself.

The enemy is my enemy is my ticket to ULTIMATE POWER!

Sonic and Shadow gather the Chaos Emeralds. Recruit all the variants we’ve seen from Prime so far. Thorn. Rusty. Tails. Rouge. Knuckles. Big. Throw in Blaze and Silver. And do this big Avengers Endgame Portal scene but with Sonic characters. Just a theory.


I loved Sonic Prime. Best Sonic show. Shadow is definitely feeding Sonic some Hands right now. They’ll probably team up and fix their world with that planet Nine found in Episode 7. The Grim. It might be what’s left of Sonic’s world. Just nothing. That might be the key to fixing everything by collecting all the shards.

Netflix got a big hit on their hands. I’d prefer if they released everything at once but I digress. I love to see other Sonic characters like Blaze and Silver.

She exists in her own dimension. The Sol Dimension. It exists in its own pocket universe so I don’t think the Paradox Prism affected her world much. She even got the Sol Emeralds. Chaos Emeralds but super hot. With them She’s like the hottest thing on earth. Eggman Nega’s also from that world might be a cool storyline. 


I also like to see them tackle different art styles. 2D land. A world where everyone’s in outer space. Sonic in SPAAAAAAACE! Sonic Riders. Maybe Gladiator. Just to name a few. I’m fine with whatever happens next. 


Ian Flynn’s been a huge part in Sonic The Hedgehog. There was a post on Chaos Channel’s Instagram confirming that everything is canon now. Games. Comics. You name it. I treat Prime as an alternate universe with similar events to the games. Same for the movies. He and Sega are basically figuring out how it all makes sense. 

Flynn wrote for Sonic Frontiers. Sega had the story laid out; he just wrote dialogue for all the characters. It all worked out for the most part.


I’m very curious on what happens next cause it ended on a cliffhanger. Can’t wait for part 2. And let’s how it all plays out.

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