Sonic Frontiers Divergence

Sonic Frontiers Divergence

The wait is almost over. Sonic Frontiers is around the corner. They did both a comic and animated prologue for the game. Today I’ll be talking about the Knuckles prologue.

It opens up with Knuckles on Angel Island guarding the Master Emerald. He gives the Sonic Adventure dialogue again. Great characterization. Tikal makes a cameo. I wasn’t expecting so many deep cuts from the Adventure games. On my 3rd viewing I noticed the little puddle move but it wasn’t a rain drop. It was Chaos. Maybe he and Tikal decided to stop by seeing how Knuckles was doing.

Knuckles walking through Sky Sanctuary. And he traveled through the same portal platform from Sonic 3 and Knuckles. The Chao return. It just nice seeing them back. Puts a smile on my face. This pink horn Chaos trying to grab a dead Kuco? I got some questions about that but later

Knuckles finds a portal gear and one of the same portals from the game. So there’s clearly some kind of connection between the Echidnas and the Ancients. Maybe they were once on the Starfall Islands. The Ancients came from outer space like the Babylons from Sonic Riders. If that ain’t They all live in harmony. Shared their technology. Everything was gucci then that mysterious AI voice from one of the leaked cutscences went rogue. Echinas split. Took the Chaos Emeralds and Master Emerald with them. Ancients died. And that evil AI got shut down til Eggman showed up in present day. If that ain’t confirmation they aliens I don’t know what is.

Knuckles gets zapped straight to Starfall Islands. Things get juicy. Soldiers show up. It was awesome. Knuckles gave them bots nothing but HANDS. It’s nice that Knuckles is a boss again. And then SAGE happened. She brought the Asura. Next thing you know Knuckles been digitized. Trapped on one of the Starfall Islands.

He didn’t even get a chance! SAGE just stared at him menacingly.

Kudos to Powerhouse Animation. They did Castlevania, Sonic Origins, and Blood of Zeus. I want them to animate the next sonic series after Prime.

Dave B. Mitchell made a good Knuckles. He stared off in Team Sonic Racing and only gotten better since then thanks to Ian Flynn. I never thought the Meta era voice actors were the problem initially was just the writing and execution.

And if this is anything to go by they now what they’re doing now. Like Convergence it raised more questions than answers. Is that a dead Kuco? What does Knuckles clan have to do with The Ancients? Was that Chaos? What does SAGE stand for?

Maybe we’ll learn the origins of the Chaos Emeralds. Something that never crossed my mind until now. I’ll have to play the game to find out. Thank you for reading and protect yourself from spoilers. Always.

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