The Marvels

The Marvels

So I just watched The Marvels the other day and here are my thoughts on it. As someone who didn’t like the first movie I went in with low expectations. The MCU has had a pretty hectic year. Aside from Guardians 3 the MCU has been getting stale post Endgame. Ant Man 3 wasted Kang the Conqueror; it really wasn’t the hit Phase 5 needed to get back on track. He was hyped up as this big threat til he got beaten by a bunch of ants. Starting off with the positives, I really like Ms Marvel. She really elevated the film for me. She’s the real MVP. I liked the chemistry between the three leads. The action scenes are pretty good especially when they swap places with each other using their powers. That was pretty cool. I found most of the action scenes pretty engaging


Dar-Benn has to be one of the worst MCU villains I’ve ever seen. Probably the worst MCU villain. She’s not threatening. I don’t find her intimidating at all. And she’s forgettable at bestNick Fury did not have to be in this movie at all. He felt more like comic relief than anything. It’s so jarring compared to his appearance in Secret Invasion and that show should’ve been an Avengers movie it should’ve not been a Disney Plus series. I’m not really a fan of Captain Marvel. She’s not on the level of characters like Iron Man, Captain America, or Black Widow. I admit she’s a little bit better in this one but not by much. Brie Larson is not a bad actress by any means. I actually like her in Scott Pilgrim vs The World as Envy Adams. And she has a great singing voice. It t really came down to the writing which is pretty underwhelming


The Post credit scene brought back Kelsey Grammer as Beast from the Fox X-men movies. The Cgi was a little wonky but not too bad. There was no reaction at my theater. Completely silent. I’m guessing that’s meant to set up Deadpool 3. And Monica is stuck in that universe. That was probably the best thing to come out of this movie. Here are ways I think Kevin Feige can fix the MCU. First off they need to hire better writers. Marvel tends to rewrite and reshoot all their films with the exception of Guardians 3. They need to commit to their story. Second, they need to tone down the comedy. We need more projects like Captain America The Winter Soldier. Third they need more connectivity with the movies like they did with the Infinity Saga. Disney plus really hurt their brand as a whole. And they need to bring in the Xmen and bring Iron Man back


Overall, The Marvels wasn’t my cup of tea. The storyline was ok. Villain was mid. It had its moments but it’s not what Marvel needs right now. With Disney delaying all their movies till 2025 hopefully it gives Marvel time to fix the MCU and get it back on track. Deadpool 3 will be the only MCU film to come out next year really looking forward to that

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