Across The Spiderverse

Across The Spiderverse


Across The Spiderverse takes things to the next level. I didn’t think they could top the first one. Exceeded my expectations. Best Spider Man Movie by far

They went crazy with the different animation styles. Most of the time I’m just looking at it frame by frame spotting different easter eggs. It made me want to read comics again

Spider Gwen has a much bigger role this time around. We get an extended scene of what happened between her and Peter. In her universe Peter was The Lizard. Ned was basically his Flash. And Captain Stacy has been on the hunt for her ever since Peter died. It’s pretty messed up. One of my favorite worlds has to be Gwen’s. It’s like a watercolor world with gothic noir vibes. And the music is pretty funky like a rock concert

Spider Man 2099 has bulked up from the last time we saw him. He assembled the Spider Society. Their kinda like the TVA but with a bunch of Spider People. Spider Buggy. Spider Man Unlimited. Spider Horse. Spectacular Spider Man. Spider Cat. Spider Dino. PS4 Spider Man. Spider Wolf. Spider Cop. Spider Man 1967. Ben Reily. Metro Boom Spider Man. So many Spider Mans

All thanks to Kingpin’s collider. Since then all these different Spider Man villains have been popping up in different universes like Italian Vulture. Anomalies. They even had Donald Glover play the Prowler. He also played Miles in Ultimate Spider Man S3 Web Warriors

Miguel is a subvillian to Miles. And he’s not a fan of Doctor Strange and that little nerd from Earth 199999. He’s a hardcore version of Spider Man with claws and fangs from the future. No spider sense. He pulled up a powerpoint presentation on the Web of Life of Destiny. Or Spiderverse for short. It look similar to He Who Remain’s display in the Loki series. Miguel basically blames Miles for everything which is not fair. Miles did nothing wrong. If anything its really The Spot

It was pretty wild that they had that intervention. Gave Spectacular Spider Man some lines. Sure he made some mistakes but that’s no reason to lock the boy up. I’ve been there

Making him an anomaly puts an interesting spin on his character. It made me want to root for him even more than before. And he has two great parents to prove it

Jessica Drew is his lieutanant voiced by Issa Rea from Insecure and Little. Sporting a nice baby bump. She was also pregnant in the comics. And she had a motorcycle which is pretty fly

If Into The Spiderverse was about Miles accepting the role of Ultimate Spider Man then Across The Spiderverse is about acceptance. Miles is facing everyday Spider Man problems. Always late. Stopping villains left and right. Missing classes. Lot of property damage. Growning more distant with his parents. Way more sure of himself. Adolescent. He might possible be the most powerful version of Spider Man

The Spot is a pretty good villain. He’s like Miles Nemesis. He seemed like a villain of the week at first until you realize just how powerful he really is. He can open portals to different dimensions. He even traveled to the Venomverse at one point and Lego World. A nice wink to the Lego Movies if I do so say myself. His final form is terrifying. He went from villain of the week to a multiversal threat in spades. All because of a bagel

Out of all the variants we’ve seen Spider Punk has to be my favorite. He was ahead of the curve helping Miles out with his new Venom move. Funny enough Hobie Brown was a version of the Prowler in the Spider Man TAS

Ben Reily is a close second. I always thought he had one of the coolest Spider Man suits. He’s a clone of Peter Parker. Even saw him in a dream once. My brother was Batman. The Riddler captured me then out the blue he showed up and saved my life. I didn’t see his face but I believe he’s a version of me from another dimension

Man we gotta talk about that cliffhanger. Miles is stuck on Earth 42 cause that the Spider that bit him was from another universe. And he comes face to face with none other than Travis Scott. Or should I say The Prowler. Yeah I was lost for words especially knowing that he was meant to be bit by that spider. If things had turned out differently our Miles would probably turned into the Prowler. That’s how important parenting is. I’m just grateful mine are still alive

There’s alot of shakeup in the Spider Society. Gwen finally made things up with her dad. Assembled her own Spider band. Peter B Parker. Mayday. Spider Man Noir. Pavitr Prabhakar. Peni Parker. Spider Punk. And Spider Ham

Sounds like we’ll get some kind of Spider War with loads of Spider Man. I think in the next one they’ll turn the characters into live action. Might even meet different versions of Gwen

Miles might help out little Prowler Jr with the Sinister Six Cartel as they called them. Electro, Vulture, Sandman, Scorpion, Doc Ock, and Rhino. Never heard of this version of the team before but they sound like casino owners. I always wanted to see them in live action. We kinda got that in NWH but they more like the Sinister Five. I don’t know if they’ll be a big part of Beyond The Spiderverse I mean we got the Spot to worry about

I hope he gets to save his dad. Usually in other versions Jeff always dies. This might turn out differently

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse is a triumph of animated filmmaking that continues to redefine the superhero genre. With its jaw-dropping animation, multiverse-expanding narrative, and heartfelt performances, it is an absolute delight from start to finish. Whether you’re a die-hard Spider-Man fan or a casual moviegoer, this film is an unmissable experience that will leave you eagerly anticipating the next chapter in the Spider-Verse saga

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