MultiVersus is like Super Smash Bros just with Looney Tunes, DC, Cartoon Network, Tom and Jerry, Ultra Instinct Shaggy, Rick and Morty, Iron Giant, Gremlins, A character from Game of Thrones. I was able to play the Beta on my Xbox months ago and from what I can tell from my last playthrough its a lot of fun.

Most of the characters are locked I was only able to play Taz, Wonder Wonder, Shaggy, and Superman. You can unlock everyone else through gold tokens or your wallet. Each character can be equipped with special perks boosting your strength and defense. I won a few matches. It’s better to fight with teams. Last time I checked I was fighting Velma as Taz.

Yesterday I couldn’t start a match. If your experiencing errors just uninstall and reinstall the game.

My favorite character probably has to be Ultra Instinct Shaggy. My only complaint is I wished it opened up with more character from the start like Smash did. Bit of a hassle. MultiVersus is a fun game. If I can add one character it has to be Ben 10 voiced by Yuri Lowenthal with the green jacket with a Omniverse skin and 10 year old Ben. No excuses WB you own Cartoon Network you can make it happen. And a Batman Beyond skin.

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