Ultimate Spider Man Power and Responsibility

Ultimate Spider Man Power and Responsibility

Ultimate Spider Man took place in a different continuity called Ultimate Marvel. Most heroes in that world were kinda jerks. Their Captain America was basically John Walker but he changed his name and dyed his hair blond. Ultimate Avengers 1&2 were based on The Ultimates run with a few tweaks here and there. It takes everything you know about the Web-Crawler and puts a modern spin on the classic story.

It opens up with Norman Osborn holding The Spider talking about The Myth of Arachne and what not. All kind of crazy. Peter got bit by said Spider on a Oscorp field trip the rest is history. Only thing is Osborn knows Spider Man’s identity earlier than anticipated before he wore the mask and spandex. Really most of his rogues gallery knows who he is, it made for some interesting decisions down the line.

Norman tried to recreate the accident that gave Peter powers with Doctor Octavius but added a little hot sauce to The Oz. In the grand calculus of the multiverse he turned into a Ugly Giant Sadistic Green Goblin. Harry and Ock were caught in the blast too. Lots of setup. Then he killed his own wife, setting his sight on Harry next.

I saw a similar version of this guy in the Ultimate Spider Man cartoon. In that world Doc Ock injected him with a combo of Spider Man and Venom’s dna. He was more of a Hulk Goblin then he turned normal at the end. Spiderverse Goblin can fly and had the Pumpkin bombs which I really appreciate. This dude on a whole nother level he can manifest Fireballs from his hands a substitute for the Pumpkin bombs. He’s basically a Firebender with horns and red eyes.

They duke it out at his school Goblin mutters Parker then a helicopter shot him to the river. Harry dropped the bomb that the Goblin was his dad no one believed him. He’s not wrong. Peter looks up to the sky wondering if that’s the last he’ll see of that Ugly Goblin. Little did he know Goblin took Harry and bounced on a private plane to the mountains or something.

The more I read it I couldn’t help but see a lot of Andrew Garfield’s Spider Man in him. His Uncle Ben said a line similar to The Amazing Spider Man before his death, with great power comes great responsibility in a different way. In the Steve Ditko comics Uncle Ben actually never used this line it was in Peter’s thoughts.

Oscorp’s a shady company, he cracked a formula his Dad made for Web fluid, and he has a very close relationship with Mary Jane akin to Gwen in the movies. It’s been a long time since I read them back in High School. The last one I read was Hollywood. When they made a movie off Spider Man Raimi style. I was fortunate enough to watch the comic dubs on YouTube. Prodigy is a really great channel. They got a bunch of different comics ranging from Invincible to Nightwing. It beats skimming through all of those pages.

As a serious comic book fan Power and Responsibility knocks it out the park. All the characters are interesting. Some relatable. Others worse especially the villains. Their Doc Ock is more of a techno wizard. He can control machines including his arms. And he’s blind like Daredevil but without the horns. 

I’m not a huge Bendis fan. Avengers vs Xmen is a cool fight I hope Kevin Feige does in the future. Turning Cyclops into a villain was out of character. And ruining Black Panther and Storm’s marriage. His Ultimate Spider Man run is one of the best things he’s ever done. And he created Miles Morales. Spiderverse put him up there with Peter Parker and Spiderman 2099. Can’t wait for the sequel.

If your fan of Spider Man but you can’t decide which run to read I highly recommend Ultimate Spider Man.

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