Black Adam

Black Adam

Man. The Rock really did fight WB for that cameo. Black Adam’s been in development for 10 years. Around 10 years he was waiting for that cameo. Old regime’s gone. Walter Hamada left the building. I’m a fan of both DC and Marvel. I want them both to succeed. Hope Marvel gets back on track. As of right now DC making moves. Black Adam started out as a Shazam villain. Fought both Superman and Shazam in the animated movie. The Return of Black Adam. Superman’s other weakness besides Kryptonite is Magic. Every now and then he teams up with other heroes like the Justice Society. They predated the Justice League. The movie portrayed him as more of an Anti Hero kinda like what they did with Venom but not like Venom. I was worried they were making him a less awesome version of himself. But Rock pulled it off. Wasn’t messing around. His intro turning those goons into fried chicken was brutal. There will be spoilers ahead.


Adrianna Tomaz wakes up Black Adam after a 5000 year nap from his prison liberating Khandaq from Intergang and becoming its protector like the comics. Intergang has deep ties to Darkseid; he supplied all their tech from Apokolips. After the Snydercut he’s still gunning for that Anti Life Equation. They’re searching for The Crown of Sabbac. The Anti Shazam for demons. Satan, Aym, Belial, Beelzebub, Asmodeus and Crateis. I liked his design. Really cool villain with limited screentime. 


Amanda Waller calls in the JSA – Hawkman, Dr Fate, Cyclone, and Atom Smasher – to subdue Black Adam. So she got this landline on all the heroes, mainly the Justice League. She did the exact same thing in the Peacemaker finale. Harcourt made a cameo. Hawkman is the leader of the new JSA. He got this sweet mansion. It opens up just like the X-Men movies. He’s basically a millionaire. His wings retract and his mace changes shape. Made of Nth metal. And it’s gold. Atom Smasher Jr is the nephew of the old Atom Smasher. Got a bit of a Deadpool face. Cyclone has Aerokinesis and she’s pretty smart.


Hawkman and Black Adam have an intense rivalry. Hero vs Anti Hero. Whole time he tried to lock him up. Black Adam wasn’t having it. Whole movie he’s giving everyone THE HANDS. Knocked Atom Smasher Jr out cold. He got his own Quicksilver scene in Black Adam fashion.


Dr. Fate the MVP of this flick. I never saw any of his James Bond films but I heard things about them. Pierce Brosnan did a fantastic job. Probably my favorite Dr. Fate. His costume is awesome. DC always go all out with their super suits. They do it even better than Marvel. I dig the blind justice look they got for the helmet. He’s lived for 100 years and one of his powers is seeing the future. Hawkman originally died. Pretty misleading. He sacrificed himself instead. I’m sad to see him go. Before that he freed Black Adam from that Task Force Prison. There was a nice easter egg from Injustice 2 with the symbol on the back. Now I want a Dr Fate movie so bad. Maybe set in the past with the old JSA.


Black Adam’s origin is a bit different but still accurate. In the new 52 he killed his son taking all the power for himself. In the movie Hurut transferred the power of Shazam saving his dad’s life. Took an arrow to the chest. He got so angry that he ended up killing everybody in the kingdom. And that’s what got him imprisoned by the Wizards. Now in the Shazam movie Wizard gave him a powerpoint presentation about Black Adam releasing the Seven Deadly Sins killing all the Wizards. That was a big lie. He’s got a lot of explaining to do. Or was there another Champion after Black Adam they got imprisoned and are just waiting for someone like Tomaz to free them and take revenge? It raised more questions than answers.


Black Adam gets a bit of a glowup. I prefer it without a cape. What he had on in the film and SDCC before is way cooler but I still liked his second costume. Maybe in the next one Superman sets it on fire. No Cape! Hawkman used Fate’s helmet to his advantage makes multiple versions of himself like Dr Fate did earlier. Bought enough time for Black Adam to do his thing. Channeled all that lightning to his brain. Takes him to the sky. Tell them the Man in Black sent you. Finish him! Fatality! Black Adam Wins!


Even the heavy set guy was getting in on the action. Bad knee but a mean swing.


JSA and Black Adam leave on good terms. Fate’s helmet dissapears looking for another owner. Black Adam recreates the comic book art sitting on the throne. Destroyed it. Got a surrogate family now. Changed his name from Teth Adam to Black Adam.


Mid credit scene is the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Waller pops up on a drone. She was all like Look you don’t want to go to prison? That’s fine. But if you step out of bounds you’re gonna regret it.


Black Adam: Send them all! There’s nobody on this planet that can stop me.

Superman: Good thing I’m not from this planet huh? Let’s talk.


No faceless cameo. No Superman in the shadows. Henry Cavil in the flesh. Now that’s what I call an entrance. Walter Hamada denied Superman too many times. Wanted nothing to do with the Trinity. How can you not have Superman in Black Adam? Rock didn’t give up. I heard Superman was gonna show up in Black Adam but I wasn’t sure if he was gonna appear. Like Spider Man NWH with Tobey and Andrew. I’m glad he did.


Man of Steel got a lot of hate in 2013. Around the same time Iron Man 3 had a fake villain. I didn’t know it at first but it slowly became my favorite Superman movie. His suit is the same from Man of Steel, just brighter. A nice touch. I prefer if they played Hans Zimmer’s theme instead but I didn’t mind Willaim’s theme. It represents his triumph. His return. I’m just glad Superman’s back.


Just when I thought this week couldn’t get any better. Out the blue Warner Bros Discovery announced that James Gunn and Peter Safran are leading DC Studios. The guy that did Scooby Doo 1 & 2, Guardians of The Galaxy, The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker is running DC. Didn’t see that coming. I didn’t like Suicide Squad 2 the gore was cool. Pokadot Man was cool. The Peacemaker series was surprisingly good. I never thought I say that. It’s like taking a shot to the neck turned him into a completely different person. Better than She Hulk that’s for sure.


Peter will handle the business side. Gunn will handle the creative side. Movie. TV. Animation. But unlike Marvel Studios he’ll allow full creative control for directors. Telling their own stories but still in a connected universe. Like what they were supposed to be when Zack Snyder had an actual plan with Justice League 2 & 3. Joker 2 and The Batman will exist in separate universes. Not touching that.


The more I thought about it, he’s the best pick. He loves comic books. Has plenty of experience. Who better to run the ship than the guy that trained under Kevin Feige. The Irony. The same guy Disney fired is the same guy that’s running DC Studios. And he’s friends with Zack Snyder. Peter produced most of the DC films Aquaman, Shazam, and The Suicide Squad.


The Ayer Cut’s chances are even higher now. James Gunn is a big advocate for that. He’s also friends with David Ayer. I thought Suicide Squad was pretty solid. I’ll take Enchantress over Patrick from Suicide Squad 2 anyday. They filmed more scenes with Jared Leto’s Joker and El Diablo actually survived. Now that he’s the head honcho he can just greenlit it. No executives involved besides David Zaslav. All they have to do is visual effects. Got yourself a hit. Even if I see it I’ll still like Suicide Squad no matter what.


Black Adam is a step in the right direction for DC. They have their Ike Perlmutter for a minute. Now they can get back on track. Fun action movie. VFX top notch. The quickest DC movie I’ve seen. Looking forward to Man of Steel 2 with Braniac being a possible villain. Supergirl can be in it too. I’m really pumped for that Superman vs Black Adam vs Shazam fight in live action. It’s gonna be glorious. Black Adam vs Justice League vs Suicide Squad. Go for it. Long as its quality. Ben Affleck might get the Batman film he deserves with Joe Manganiello’s Deathstroke as the villain like he wanted. He’s gonna appear in both The Flash and Aquaman 2. There’s nothing saying that we can’t have Two Batmans. One in the DCU. Matt Reeves can still do his own thing. Best of both worlds. Maybe do a Batman Beyond movie at some point with Michael Keaton playing the older Batman. I had nothing but a great time with Black Adam. DC has a bright future ahead. Hope Ray Fisher comes back now that Hamada’s gone. Bring in Wayne T Carr’s John Stewart. The hirearchy of power has changed.

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