Lego Star Wars TSS

Lego Star Wars TSS

Star Wars isn’t what it used to be. Disney. Kathleen Kennedy. JJ Abrams. Rian Johnson. They all played a part in the fall of Star Wars. And to an extent George Lucas since he picked Kathleen. I grew up with the prequels. Watched the OG trilogy. And tuned in to Clone Wars every Friday on Cartoon Network. Back when cinematic universes wasn’t a big requirement. 

I think the main drawback of Disney Star Wars is oversaturation. It didn’t feel like an event. Its suppose to be an event.

They never had a plan. 


I used to build Lego sets. Watch Ninjago. Play Lego Batman.

The crown jewel in my opinion is Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga.


It was that good. Got to create my own character. Learn the Force. And replay Episodes 1-6 with mumbles. Show don’t tell.

The remake tried to do that. I just went with the voices from Clone Wars. Matt Lanter and Johnny Test respectively. 


They added the fanfic trilogy only because its Disney. Let’s be real Star Wars ended with Return of The Jedi. 

Everything else we saw from 2015-2019 took place in another reality like Loki and What If. 


What makes TSS stand out from the original is the combat. Feels just like the movies. 

All the cast did an excellent job. You can tell they had a lot of fun with the game.


I fell off the Lego train since Lego Batman 3. Then they started reusing audio from the Avengers movies. Force Awakens.

Lego Movie 2 didn’t do so well at the box office. 

It was a dark time.


By then I had Xbox Game Pass and what do you know the Lego Star Wars remake just happened to drop weeks after I finished Sonic Frontiers


There’s a lot of that signature humor Lego is known for. One that had me laughing on the floor is Attack of The Clones


Funny that the same actor that played Dooku also played a dentist in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. Genius!


In my personal opinion. As someone who treasures TCS I see this as an absolute win. I get to replay all the lightsaber fights minus the Disney trilogy. Its great having the Clone Wars cast reprise their roles from the animated series. 

Vader like a man child. He really betrayed the Jedi just to avoid child support.


I had a really good time. Best Lego game in years. Hope they improve on mumble mode in future games. 


Thank you all for reading.

Ruben Comics. Signing OFF!!!

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