X-MEN ’97 #1

X-MEN ’97 #1

After watching X-Men 97 I got a little bored. So I went to Third Eye Comics and bought two X-Men comics. X-Men 97 and Predator vs Wolverine. The show rejuvenated my love for the X-Men especially Cyclops. Fox really didn’t do the characters justice except Wolverine just to name a few. This comic is a prelude to X-Men 97. Let’s dive right in

So it starts off with the team fighting Magneto in the streets of New York. Wolverine being the bad boy he is charges headfirst into the line of fire. Only to find out they were were really training in the Danger Room. Everybody hits the showers. Jean finds out she’s pregnant and by Jean I mean Madeline. By this point Mr Sinister swapped Jean with the clone. Wolverine is all in his feeling cause he’s also in love with Jean but she’s with Scott. I was never fond of the love triangle with the three amigos that was always weird to me even when watching the OG series. It just made Wolverine look like a SIMP. Like Storm is right there. She’s clearly the better option. Hakuna Matata! 

Jubilee, Storm, and Bishop get ready for a Dazzler concert. Bishop left all his gear behind. Then the Marauders pull up. X-Men beat them up. Next thing you know Mr Sinister fires them in the most brutal way possible. It was great having Bishop on the show but they never answered why he was there in the first place. Did it have something to do with Xavier’s assassination? Hoping they give us an answer

Overall, X-Men ’97 #1 is off to a good start. It has a great story, with lots of action and suspense. The artwork is outstanding, and the characters are fully developed. If you’re an X-Men fan, I highly recommend that you read it. In my opinion, it’s one of the best X-Men stories ever written.

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